It’s been fairly awhile because we’ve heard indigenous My 600 Lb Life Season 7 actors member Jeanne Covey, and also the lack of to update has set the gossip wheel spinning. Is Jeanne Covey still alive? walk she lose any weight? does she still have actually her dogs? It might be the My 600 Lb Life off-season, however we to be able to perform some digging, and we’ve acquired answers to every one of those inquiries — add to more.

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Is Jeanne Covey tho alive?

The quick answer: Yes! and the slightly much longer answer is the Jeanne can be in a much much better place than where viewers last saw her. Jeanne’s 2019 My 600 Lb Life debut marked an infamous first for the show: Jeanne was the very first cast member to quit Dr. Now’s regime without finishing a full year. After simply six months, Jeanne uncovered herself handle with double traumas: the progressively frail wellness of she mother, Barbara, who’d traveled to Texas v Jeanne; and also the shocking fatality of her father when she and also Barbara were away.

Since then, Jeanne hasn’t shared lot of her personal life online, as well as a few photos and an adverse space update via commentary on friends’ social media pages. Last year, we uncovered out that it looked choose all ripe of Jeanne and also Barbara’s dog were more than likely still life at home, sparking more ire native the My 600 Lb Life audience in ~ large.

Has Jeanne Covey lost weight?

We haven’t to be able come outright confirm Jeanne’s alleged weight loss. Yet we can point out the she looks slimmer in her latest pic — one we’ll acquire to in a minute — than in any kind of of the image Jeanne has shared due to the fact that her illustration aired.

In fact, over the last couple of weeks, Jeanne has opened up, revealing a few new picture — and also dropping the one major weight lose bombshell. (Of course, that’s not counting the lawsuit Jeanne and Barbara filed versus My 600 Lb Life‘s producers, alleging gross negligence and also fraud relating come unpaid medical bills.)

In so late July, Jeanne shared the photo at the height of this article. It’s among the first pics she’s make public in practically a year. There’s likewise this similar pic that a laugh Jeanne from the month before:


But neither of those chest- and also chin-up shots reveal the load Jeanne claims she’s reduce from she peak. Critical week, Jeanne shared her an initial full-body snapshot in numerous years (we haven’t found any from at least 2017 onward). Follow to Jeanne’s latest update, the still-controversial My 600 Lb Life star has actually lost a lining 230 pounds because filming for her episode involved an abrupt end in December that 2018.

Here’s Jeanne Covey’s weight loss pic:


And here’s the accompanying caption: “230 add to lbs lost.. #damnsuninmyeyes #rockingjeans #not600lbanymore”

Do Jeanne and also Barbara still have actually all their dogs?

Unfortunately, the answer come this one is no. And also we speak unfortunate since the situations couldn’t be sadder. Jeanne’s mom Barbara recently evidenced that she had to have actually one that the family’s ripe dogs placed to sleep ~ a vet’s exploration of greatly advanced cancer.

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This previous spring, Barbara confirmed the news in a social media conversation v a friend. “I had actually to put him under Friday morning,” Barbara wrote. “He….Had a stomach full of cancer but hadn’t shown any signs. He to be wonderful ~ above Tuesday…..thank God for the timing. The didn’t suffer really long.”

Neither Barbara nor Jeanne have available updates on any kind of of their eight other dogs.

However, if you’re holding her breath for a Where are They Now? illustration featuring Jeanne, you’d better let it out. If the aforementioned fraud sue wasn’t proof enough, Jeanne’s profiles on her new social media pages make really clear the she is without doubt a “Former 600 Lb cast member.”

You deserve to revisit Jeanne’s My 600 Lb Life episode on the show’s official site.

(Photo credits: Is Jeanne Covey still lively via Facebook, Twitter)

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