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Heavenly Father, i am gratefulFor her eternal presenceI am discovering to be patientAnd that you room really thereSometimes ns am afraidAnd I know that"s doing not have faithBut I"m beginning to understandThat because that me you have a planHeavenly Father, i am gratefulFor you sending your sonTo dice so that i liveAnd because that never offering upI"m finding out everydayThat ns won"t constantly have mine wayBut I"m beginning to understandThat because that me you have actually a planHeavenly Father, i am gratefulFor friend hearing mine prayerI am learning to be patientAnd that you space really thereThere are answers I"m receivingNo, they"re not constantly immediateSometimes I have felt defeatedThat"s as soon as I kneel under in prayerYou present me friend hear my prayerI"m amazed by just how you care"Coz friend hearMy little prayer
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