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Average Salary because that H1B Visa and Green card Jobs
LCA because that H1B VisaLC for green Card

This table reports the median proffered salary of labor condition applications because that H-1B Visa and also labor certifications for environment-friendly card filed by Nemo it Solutions, native 2011 come 2019. If a selection of proffered wage was supplied in application, we use the middle suggest in the range to calculate average salary.
H1B Visa-----------
Green Card-----------

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This page reports the mean proffered salary of labor problem applications for H-1B Visa and also labor certifications for eco-friendly card filed by Nemo that Solutions, due to the fact that 2001. All wages if report in hour, week or month have been convert to yearly salary. The Immigration and also Nationality Act requires that the rental of a foreign worker will not adversely impact the wages and working conditions of U.S. Employees comparably employed. To comply v the statute, the department of Labor"s regulations require that the wages offered to a international worker need to be the prevailing wage rate for the occupational category in the area that employment. American employer, Nemo the Solutions,, need to attest that, it will certainly pay no less than (a) the actual wage level payment to all other individuals at the work-related site with similar experience and qualifications, and (b) the prevailing wage for the occupational category in the area of intended employment. The salary describes guaranteed income, for this reason the bonus and also benefits does no count.