Featured Outreach

Christmas Compassion

Dec. 9 - 15, 2021

Children’s Ministry and also city-wide toy giveaways

Sing in ~ Rockefeller Center

3 Nights that ministry come the homeless, consisting of blessing the homeless with blankets, toilet kits, food, water, and also Gospel literature




NYSUM take away food, toiletries, blankets and the love that Jesus to homeless people of NYC. Food, blankets,water and personal items space transported by truck,van, and also subway to reach those in need.


Showing the love the Jesus through direct conversation through those you conference Examples: Subway evangelism, Scavenger Hunt, Staten Island Ferry, NYC Parks, Brooklyn Bridge.

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Participating in after ~ school and also summer programs for homeless children in NYC Shelters.

Spring break NYC ministry Experience

NYSUM’s instructors administer practical metropolitan training orientations prior to each learning experience.

Help prepare for the arrival of hundreds of human being in need. Offer in a selection of means such together preparing food, wait tables, one-on-one conversation with guest,and clean-up.

Scope that ministry varies according to location & ministry site. May encompass sharing testimonies, preaching, singing, passing out flyers or tracts, etc.

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NYSUM’s Prayer Stations

Prayer in the Square

Herald Square, Bryant Park, Washington Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Union Square, Food truck Ministry

Basketball is our tool to reach kids living in an environment of drugs and crime. This annual block party is complete with music, food, games, puppets, clowns, face-painting, slam dunk contest and also awards.