Pros: Two of the nicest looking drivers at deal with in golf. The size of the Tour design was raised to 460cc, giving it a significant forgiveness upgrade, and Nike kept their FlexLoft adapters compatible with the original models. The Mitsubishi’s Kuro Kage silver- TiNi in the covert 2.0 tourism is an outstanding stock pillar offering.

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Cons: The vibrant red paint could continue to it is in a turn off to golfers who don’t wish to video game clubs that attract attention come themselves. More heavier club heads and counter-balanced shafts could additionally cause troubles for golfers that perform much better with lighter clubs. No flexible weights.

The Takeaway: Several huge updates indigenous the initial drivers, particularly in the forgiveness category. If these launched a little greater and be crazy a tiny less, they would have actually scored greater in the performance category.


The initial Nike VR_S concealed Driver presented last year elicited lot of of discussion amongst golf enthusiasts about the distinctive cavity-back design and candy-apple red repaint job. Think the the surprise 2.0 line together a progressive improvement of the previous year model, doubling under on the elements that made Nike’s driver a distance hog, while acquisition a severe stab at refining the modern technology and aesthetics.


Both the Tour and also standard (otherwise known as “Performance”) editions attribute the high-speed cavity style introduced indigenous a year ago, but the hallowed out ar of the society head was updated through Nike’s new Fly-Brace technology, which to add stability and increased energy transfer to the ball.

The 2.0 Tour currently matches the performance model’s head’s size of 460cc and features a classic, pear-shaped head. Both motorists are equipped v 45.5 inch Mitsubishi Kuro Kage collection shafts — the Performance version comes stock through Mitsubishi’s Kuro Kage HBP (High Balance Point) shaft and also the Tour version comes stock through a Kuro Kage silver- Tini tower — and also 55-gram tourism Wrap 2G grips indigenous Golf Pride. The performance driver has actually a white grip, if the Tour has a red grip.

Nike’s FlexLoft technology, which permits golfers to select one of 3 different challenge angle (left, neutral and right) and five various lofts (8.5 come 12.5 levels in 1-degree increments) independently, has actually the same connectors from last year. Both drivers have similar-looking crowns that are refreshingly gimmick-free. The just visible graphics on an otherwise classic-looking golf club space the white Nike swoosh in the direction of the heel and also a small alignment help indicating the design number (2.0). The bottom that the society head still attributes oversized branding elements, yet the matte finish and also sharper edges offers the covert line a an ext seasoned, grown-up look.

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The hidden Tour driver to be tested through a share Kuro Kage silver- TiNi 60-gram obelisk (S-flex) and retails because that $399. The performance driver came through a Kuro Kage black 50-gram pillar (S-flex) and also retails because that $299.


The motorists were experiment at Pete’s Golf Shop in Mineola, NY, a Golf Digest Top-100 club fitter and I worked directly with Kirk Oguri, a well-respected tools specialist and also teaching professional. The clubs were evaluated using a Foresight launch monitor.

The first and most noticeable thing ns noticed once swinging both models is the weight. While some golf society manufacturers choose Callaway and Cleveland are focused on making lighter drivers, Nike and also others are bucking that trend. The concealed 2.0 motorists are nothing quick of contemporary sledgehammers through club heads the weigh approximately 206 grams (about 210 grams consisting of the FlexLoft adapter).

According come Oguri, adding extra weight to society heads is coined “the hammer effect.” The extra weight can assist a golfer deliver a an effective blow to the golf ball loved one to a details swing speed, Oguri said, and a counterbalanced obelisk and/or fixed is then used to reduced the swing load to a timeless level. Ping go the same thing with its widely acclaimed G25 driver, which has actually a counter-balanced obelisk to even out its 205-gram driver head. However the decision of tools manufacturers to boost the mass isn’t necessarily better for everyone, since it’s usually simpler to to the right a golfer come a club head once a fitter has actually the choice to add much more discretionary weight.


What the launch screen data shown for me is the a golfer of center swing rate (under 100 mph) have the right to potentially battle transferring enough energy into the ball with a heavy club head. This, in turn, will naturally impact the launch angle, ball speed and also carry distance. I felt that i likely could have swung the hidden 2.0 motorists a small faster if the clubs heads to be a little lighter, thus developing the potential for more distance. But because there space no adjustable weights in the drivers, ns didn’t have actually the possibility to experiment. Ns did, however, uncover that the concealed 2.0 motorists exceeded my expectation in terms of accuracy. Even if it is that had actually to do with the extra weight, I’m no sure.

The new drivers also have larger encounters over critical year’s models, which add to to your forgiveness. Nike engineers also improved each driver’s moment of inertia (MOI). The MOI of the Performance model swelled native 4600 to 4800, while the 2.0 tourism model’s MOI jumped native 4100 come 4600, according to Nike. This enhancements aid stabilize the concealed 2.0 motorists on off-center hits, leading to much more ball speed and less gear effect when a golfer misses the sweet spot.

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Another aspect to consider when analyzing the brand-new Nike Covert drivers is how each club’s facility of heaviness affects trajectory and also distance. If the quote-on-quote hip point in driver an innovation is to push the CG low and also forward as is the instance with TaylorMade’s SLDR, Nike took a much more neutral approach. In the hidden 2.0 driver, the CG is an ext rearward for included forgiveness and increased launch and spin. In the hidden 2.0 tourism driver, the load is positioned lower and much more forward, developing a trajectory the is lower launching and lower spinning 보다 the performance model. Both society heads additionally have weight concentrated in the behind corners the the club head, i beg your pardon is exactly how the drivers are maybe to maintain such a high MOI.