Whether it is a basic one-page that HTML, or ASP.NET 4.0, mine incubadoradeartistas.com 7.5 screens this error message.

not Authorized to check out This page

I"ve discovered Microsoft"s value-added HTTP Codes


and Microsoft"s System32 Error Codes


And seen wfetch.exe report the HTTP 200 error (success, her HTTP has actually displayed).

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I appreciate this is walk to be a yes, really "obvious" issue, more than likely to perform with authorization and also authentication. This error post displays, even if it is I"m in incubadoradeartistas.com Manager and click ~ above the Browse net Site, or use IE or Chrome, or one more coimputer ~ above my home network, or get friends to try from the WWW.



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Re: not Authorized to check out This web page

Sep 19, 2014 02:15 AM|Ken Schaefer|LINK

SealBayRedCarNot Authorized to watch This web page

This is not an incubadoradeartistas.com created error page. Either a proxy server is generating this, or the application running on the incubadoradeartistas.com server is generating this.

What is being logged in the incubadoradeartistas.com log in file?


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Re: not Authorized to watch This page

Sep 28, 2014 02:04 AM|Angie xu - MSFT|LINK

As our discussed above, you need allow the failed request Tracing in incubadoradeartistas.com, this will give me part hint top top why a request has failed, we can allow this Failed inquiry Tracing in the incubadoradeartistas.com by measures below,

1.Open Internet info Services (incubadoradeartistas.com) Manager:

2.In the Connections pane, select the server connection, site, application, or magazine for i m sorry you want to configure failed inquiry tracing.

3.In the plot pane, click Failed inquiry Tracing...

4.In the Edit net Site Failed request Tracing Settings dialog box, choose theEnable examine box to allow tracing, leaving the default value or form a new directory where you desire to keep failed request log files in the magazine box, type the variety of failed inquiry trace papers you desire to store in the Maximum number of trace documents box, and then click OK.

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Please allow me recognize if over there is anything the I have the right to do to help.

Best regards,



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