Objective: capture St. Anastasia ChurchChallenge: sign up with the fight together an Arditi upstream Troop in O La Vittoria

This is the shortest the the war Stories, and is much much easier to complete than the ahead chapter. Players take it on the preeminence of an Italian shock trooper, well-known as the Arditi. This way that, throughout this whole section, you"ll be permanently attract the helmet you watch now. So obtain used to wearing it. Otherwise, this is patent infantry warfare. Obtain on the objectives and take out opponents when friend can. To begin the fight off, head in the direction of the church in the distance, at objective A. Start the vicinity of the target will finish the over challenge.

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Challenge: loss 5 opponents with grenades in O La Vittoria

As you approach the objective, start working towards the following challenge; getting five kills with grenades. The Arditi have eight to start with, so friend should have the ability to grab at least a few kills in the procedure of taking the objective, if not every one of them. Though your armor protects from quite a little bit of damage, girlfriend still need to be careful when acquisition the point. You room not immune to fire, therefore be cautious with the flame trooper together well. Once the external forces space cleared away, enter the fort and also hold the objective. When finished, the mission will certainly update.

Objective: assault artillery gun

Exit the church and also head towards the new objective, but be sure to avoid at the structure to the left the the road.

O La Vittoria - field Manual #1

As you method the building, the adversary artillery will certainly collapse the roof. Shot not to get hurt in the process. Together the dust settles, friend should be able to see the ar manual crate up against the wall.


Continue under the road until friend come throughout a few armored trucks. Move to her AT grenades (using

) to take it them out. Climate you have the right to head up the hill in the direction of the following objective. Prior to you gain there, there are two ar manuals we need to pick up. Both of this collectibles are located in small trench-lines. Which makes them a bit complicated to describe, for this reason bear with me. The very first of the 2 is near the bottom the the mountain, nearly in-line with the target icon.

O La Vittoria - ar Manual #2

Once you discover the location, approach the trench, and straight ahead will be the field manual. Collect it, and then start making your method up to the next manual.


O La Vittoria - field Manual #3

The 2nd field hand-operated is closer come the halfway point on the mountain, in yet an additional trench. If you climb the hill from the previous ar manual and then rotate right, it should be the an initial trench girlfriend come across. The field manual is in the edge of claimed trench.


With both of these ar manuals collected, currently we can head up in the direction of the objective. Traverse v the trenches, killing enemies when need be. Don"t forget to get additional grenade kills if friend still need them. Otherwise, simply keep going till you reach the artillery gun, and a new objective will appear.

Objective: ruin artillery gun

Head within the ft through any entrance friend wish and also take out the last continuing to be enemies. Once they"re down, you need to use explosives to damage the artillery gun. Any kind will certainly due, yet don"t stand as well close come the total itself. If friend don"t have any type of explosives on you, just outside in the trenches is some dynamite. It must take around two or 3 explosives to end up off the weapon. But after, that you"ll gain your new objective.

O La Vittoria - ar Manual #4

Before leaving the fort, look into the edge to the appropriate of the entrance, wherein there"s a stack of boxes. Beside the boxes is a tiny field hand-operated crate.


Objective: Disable anti-aircraft gun

Once finished, head up the hillside to with the anti-aircraft weapon. Kill any enemies follow me the way, together expected. Before heading down the slope, previous the maker gun, prevent at the trench-line at the optimal of the hill.

O La Vittoria - field Manual #5

This is the just trench past the pho gun, for this reason it should be straightforward to spot. It"s to the appropriate of the road as you with the an equipment gun discussed above. Look in ~ the finish of the trench-line to uncover the final ar manual of the section.


Challenge: collection all the field manuals in O La Vittoria

You should now have every one of the field manuals in this section. Currently you deserve to head under the hill to obtain to the AA gun. Just method the tools to start up the cutscene, and also you will certainly then take manage of the gun.

Objective: damage enemy bombers

Target the adversary planes and eliminate them to continue. Though it"s a rather basic objective come complete, you deserve to take a lot of damage by plane that room crashing come the ground and by the bombers themselves. Try to damage them well away from friend to store out the harm. Once a aircraft has passed, overlook it and also focus ~ above the following one. Shot to aim in former of them instead of at them. It could take a couple of tries, yet it should be doable. Though it go less damages overall, ns recommend zooming in to effectively target the bombers. Just ignore the various other planes that space around; they"re no danger to you.

Once every the bombers are destroyed, a cutscene will begin, and the next section will certainly start.


Objective: search for MatteoChallenge: angry the explode of the hill side in O Tutti Accoppati

As shortly as you start the section, you"ll watch the mountainside front of you, and also a an obstacle will instantly unlock because that witnessing the destruction. Currently you"ll need to find your pair brother in the remains. Head right into the trenches listed below to begin, and get the end your sidearm to start the next challenge.

Objective: protect Alpini OutpostChallenge: loss 10 adversaries with her sidearm in O Tutti Accoppati

Be really careful as soon as attacking enemies. Friend no longer have actually the increased health that friend did v the armor. So currently you"re extremely vulnerable when out in the open. As soon as heading right into the trenches, girlfriend are totally free to one of two people sneak through the enemies, or take them out as you go. I recommend the second option, as you require at the very least 10 sidearm kills before the finish of the mission. So use these very first three enemies as a opportunity to start collecting them. In enhancement to this, the sidearm has actually limited ammo so make your shots count, and constantly aim for the head. If friend don"t happen to gain all 10 of your kills in, girlfriend can constantly reload the ar later, top top easy. I passed away during mine playthrough and was able to respond v a bit much more ammo, which allowed me to gain the codex an obstacle that method as well.

Before getting too far down into the trenches, head come the very far right, and also follow the border line under the hill.

O Tutti Accoppati - ar Manual #1

As you"re adhering to the boundary line, you"ll it is in able toDes view a house just listed below the cliff. Don"t head down just yet; there are opponents to kill first. Yet once they"re dead, you deserve to head inside. ~ above the ground by the entrance is a field manual crate.

Once you"re finished in the house, head come the objective. There are plenty of explosives inside the damaged building; grab lock if you don"t have any type of on-hand. You"ll require to destroy armored cars when the spawn. I"d recommend acquisition cover within the destroyed house, as going anywhere outside is almost a surefire method to die. There are three dare to get rid of before you can advance to the next objective.

Objective: find for Matteo

There are now two different locations that you have the right to head to. Walk to the the next one first: the trenches. As you"re heading under the path, you"re walk to want to get in the bunker ahead.

O Tutti Accoppati - ar Manual #2

As you enter the bunker, instantly look to her right. Previous the dead human body and versus a few crates is a ar manual.

Exit the bunker and head towards the next objective. Be careful on your way, as the artillery deserve to do a lot of damage. In addition to artillery, there are additionally at least two flame troopers, and also an artillery truck ~ above the bridge. Get rid of the truck for sure, yet you have the right to run around the fire troopers if require be. If you"re having a tough time obtaining to the various other side the the map, try going underneath the bridge, or come the far left or far right of the map. When you cross over, shot finding some prompt cover. Over there will likewise be a few manned maker guns ~ above the forts that space out-of-bounds, yet you can still shoot them down. Approaching the ft will update your objective.

Objective: search for Matteo within the fort

Enter the fort from any type of entrance and also then stop, together we require to discover two much more field manuals.

O Tutti Accoppati - field Manual #3

As you"re heading up, towards the fort, take it the ideal path. You want to walk as much right together possible, come the edge of the map. You"ll recognize when you"re heading in the appropriate direction once you view an enntrance gate to the bunker and also an icon that labels it a it is provided cache. Walk inside, and also in the enclosed corner will be a field manual.

O Tutti Accoppati - ar Manual #4

Once you have the previous ar manual, girlfriend can exit the bunker and also enter the target area by going through the door below, in the trenches. There is more than one enntrance gate here, for this reason you might not finish up adhering to the same route as the walkthrough; it"ll be fine. You will certainly either:

End up on the optimal floor, whereby a new objective will appearEnd up on the bottom floor, in the bunker with opponents

You deserve to either take out the adversaries first, or head right into the bunker first. It doesn"t matter. Yet there"s a field manual inside the bunker, so you should grab that after the fight if you don"t grab the now.

If you"re heading with the bunker native below: regardless of which enntrance gate you use, there will certainly be a hallway and a trip of steps. Rise the stairs come the following floor, and also then revolve to look roughly the room. There will certainly be some beds lined up ~ above the wall, and also a ar manual in between two the them. Climate you deserve to go up top to clear the enemies.

Objective: clean the Austrian Horn

I would recommend staying down below and also taking shots indigenous the stairs, together there are far too many enemies come survive lengthy on the top ground. There"s likewise a sentry increase top, which girlfriend will should kill using the anti-tank grenades in the box beside you. Girlfriend can likewise fire at him, however he has twice as much wellness as a regular soldier, therefore it"s much much easier to get rid of him v explosives. Once they"re every dead, head increase the measures to update your objective.

If you"re heading v the bunker from above: your mission will upgrade as soon as you enter the battle, so simply kill the enemies in front of you. As said above, you want to target the sentry v explosives and also keep in cover. When it"s over, there"s a collection of stairway in the facility of the area. Rise down and also head right into the fort for the next ar manual. You will come across a room with beds, with the ar manual between two that them.

Objective: uncover MatteoO Tutti Accoppati - ar Manual #5

After you"ve finished the battle and gathered the ar manual, stop. Carry out not go v the door ahead, as it will finish the mission. Look at to her right, in ~ the structure next come you. Perform not go within it, however instead, walk about it. Top top the the furthest entrance that the back wall, there will certainly be a ar manual crate.

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Challenge: collect all ar manuals in O Tutti AccoppatiChallenge: finish Avanti Savoia!

With the field manuals challenge complete, there need to only it is in one codex entry left, and also it"s to complete the chapter. Currently you can head through the door to begin the next cutscene. V Avanti Savoia! completed, you should now unlock 2 achievements.