Of all the courses you take in life, make sure a couple of of them room dirt.” – Anonymous

In a survey performed by the ecological Protection agency (EPA) they discovered that civilization in the United states spend 87 percent of their time indoors, greatly at either residence or work. Be affected by each other in mind, that’s one average. Many human being spend much more of their resides indoors.

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John Muir knew that acquiring into the wild was an important to life fine lived. Spending time the end in nature keeps united state grounded, offers us perspective, and also rejuvenates the soul.

We spend much of our resides worrying end what is truly trivial. Make certain you take time to select paths of dirt.

Thanks to my wife Joan for as soon as again gift the subject of mine camera’s eye. I recorded this photograph on our hike to the scenic trail Canyon falls off of big Tujunga Canyon.

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