Each couple has the possibility to reflect on where they stand and what they want their futures come look favor onOne Day in ~ a TimeSeason 4 episode 6, “Supermoon.” It’s a sweet, endearing illustration that really does occupational well together a mid-season finale.

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Most of the episode takes location on the roof, i m sorry Schneider has gone with the problem of decorating in an elaborate, romantic fashion. It appears at first he’s done all this because that Avery, particularly as they invest time talking around how happy they are and also how lot they’re looking forward to the arrival of their new baby.

It’s a little much more serious, too, with Schneider referring ago to several of their previously struggles and also how he’d moved her away.

(L-R): Todd Grinnell as Schneider and also India de Beaufort as Avery in sooner or later AT A TIME, “Supermoon”. Photograph Credit: Nicole Wilder/POP TV.

He also gets under on one knee, yet there’s no way a proposal is walking to occur that at an early stage an episode favor this. Instead, it’s a fake-out because that the audience that gives a actual laugh out loud kind of moment — he’s only bending down to pick up a piece of trash.

Maybe a proposal is in their future, but for now, this feel better. That was only on this season’s premiere that Schneider announced come Penelope that he’d inquiry Avery to relocate in, and then a couple of episodes later that we find out they’re pregnant. The pair seems happy — no, giddy — appropriate where castle are.

So the mystery becomes, who did Schneider collection this up for? and also is someone acquiring proposed to? It’s really a standard bit, and also it’s one that works well to save us on ours toes and administer some important funny moments.

It’s not for Elena and Syd, but the two perform enjoy the roof — and talking around the scientific research of the perigee-syzygy. They also seem happy ideal where lock are, however they acknowledge adjust is coming.

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(L-R): Sheridan Pierce together Syd and also Isabella Gomez as Elena in at some point AT A TIME, “Supermoon”. Picture Credit: Nicole Wilder/POP TV.

They’ve made decision to try to remain together once they walk to college, yet a discussion about their crushes and how open they can be v each various other takes a revolve that leaves them feeling simply a small uncomfortable. It’s much more realistic, though, 보다 if they were to ~ do so they had blinders on to anyone else, and it’s also pretty mature.

The setup is obviously no for Alex and also Nora, who display up next, though it’s cute to check out them reap the romantic setting, and there’s something yes, really wonderful about how well these two teens communicate.

Alex’s evolution is suddenly quite fun to clock — he to be so young once the show began, and now we’ve watched him come to be a teenager. It’s a chance, really, come see exactly how well his mother has raised him and also how cultivation up in the Alvarez home has shaped him as a person.

(L-R): Raquel Justice as Nora and also Marcel Ruiz as Alex in sooner or later AT A TIME, “Supermoon”. Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/POP TV.

Once Elena and also Alex establish it wasn’t because that either the them, they’re presumption turns to Max and their mother. Penelope claims Max is comes over and he’s excited to see the moon through her top top the roof, so every signs point to something unique there. It’s really sweet just how Elena and Alex pertained to terms with that idea, both concentrated on how they can support your mother.

As it turns out, it’s not for Max and Penelope either. The setup does command them to comment on exactly wherein they stand, thanks in huge part come Penelope’s resounding no before Max could get a single word in. They are likewise happy, best where castle are. And also nothing demands to change.

Max also says he’s walk to continue traveling and also being gone for months at the time, which for Penelope, is nice darn perfect. She’s drawing a line. She doesn’t want to danger something that can wind increase hurting her family. She’s placing herself and also her family first, and Max fits in well with that equation.

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(L-R): Ed Quinn together Max and also Justina Machado as Penelope in someday AT A TIME, “Supermoon”. Picture Credit: Nicole Wilder/POP TV.

That’s additionally not the just time Penelope’s divorce is pointed out on this episode. Alex mentions it too — er, well, the blurts that out. In his mind, sex would lead right to a divorce and a broken family, revealing the he still has actually some scars.

But what Alex’s wise-beyond-her-years girlfriend reminds him of, is that’s not how every pair winds up. Alex remembers the connection his abuelos had and how much love they had for every other.

And the relationship? That’s the one that’s really being celebrated on the roof.

Schneider collection all that this up because that Lydia. What we discover is that once Lydia and Leslie visited Cuba, she establish Cuba was no longer residence — and also that meant she didn’t want to spread out his ashes over there after all.

It’s no that much has actually changed, she says, but that it just simply isn’t house anymore. This is such a significant moment for Lydia. It’s a little bit heartbreaking the she returned only to uncover it didn’t median the exact same thing to her any kind of longer, however this is closure because that her that she hasn’t had. Home, instead, is right right here where her family is.

(L-R): Isabella Gomez as Elena, Marcel Ruiz together Alex, Rita Moreno as Lydia and Justina Machado together Penelope in at some point AT A TIME, “Supermoon”. Photograph Credit: Nicole Wilder/POP TV.

The lightly of the illustration becomes somber as everyone gathers to spread Berto’s ashes in the rooftop garden. He’s been gone for as long as we’ve recognized this family, however this is their possibility to come together and truly to speak goodbye — and it’s a tearjerker, you guys.

What’s particularly sweet is that we gain to see just how Berto’s legacy influenced all that them and that that still lives on in them.

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This is it for a while, and also it really does feel prefer a pretty place-holder till the season returns. The an excellent news is that One Day in ~ a Time is plan an animated distinct that will air this spring. That will certainly at least hold us end a bit longer until production picks ago up again, and also I don’t know about you, however that news elevator my spirits.

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