Consumer Lending experts listen to our customers’ gaue won needs, then empower castle with access to affordable financing because that life’s expenses. Our Specialists space friendly, community-oriented and go the extra mile to develop relationships with our customers. Supported by durable training, this place is wonderful way to start a financial services career.

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permanent and component Time Level: Entry to Mid-Level Travel: Minimal

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What renders a successful consumer Lending Specialist in ~ OneMain? examine out the traits below to watch if you have actually the right mix.

At OneMain, consumer Loan Sales professionals empower client – listening to your needs and also providing accessibility to friendly,fast,and affordable financing because that life’s expenses.Consumer Loan Sales specialist will find out the lending and also servicing organization at OneMain permitting them to grow their career.

A career with OneMain uses you the potential to earn an yearly salary add to incentives. You can steer her career with access to a variety of robust training programs and opportunities to advancement toward management roles such together Branch Manager and District Manager. Other team member benefits include competitive pay, change incentives bound to organization performance, medical, dental, vision, 401(k), paid time off, paid volunteer time, tuition reimbursement and more.

Full Time and also Part-time hours (20-30 every week) are obtainable and vary based upon the needs of the branch.

Develop brand-new relationships – and maintain existing relationships - working through customers throughout the loan procedure and loan lifecycle

Present jae won solutions, based upon customer needs, that satisfy their goals

Present customers with optional insurance money products

Educate customers on the terms and conditions of their loan come ensure a clean understanding

Partner with neighborhood businesses to seek out and develop brand-new customers

Learn how to make use of credit underwriting techniques and also sales tools

Manage the life bike of the loan, consisting of collections activities, complying with all laws and also regulations

OneMain gaue won is the country’s largest lending-exclusive financial company, a trusted surname in lending for over 100 years. Due to the fact that 2005 alone, we have looked past customers credit transaction scores come lend an ext than $152 exchange rate to 16.2 million human being looking because that simple, affordable loans. 

With branches across 44 states, we"re proud partners of the families and communities we serve. They revolve to us to aid meet essential financial needs, consisting of debt consolidation, clinical expenses, family bills and auto purchases. It’s all about doing the right thing – a mission that hasn’t readjusted for an ext than 100 years.

Sales, Retail, Loan Sales, customer Service, customer Care, business Development, new Grad, newly Graduated, entry level, jae won Sales, monitoring Development, monitoring Trainee, Finance, Full-time, Career, Benefits, client experience, gaue won Representative, Credit, Leadership, Manager Trainee

OneMain Holdings, Inc. Is an same Employment opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative action (AA) employer. Standard applicants will certainly receive consideration for employment there is no regard come race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sex perception or identity, nationwide origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, or special needs status.

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OneMain Holdings, Inc. Is an equal Employment chance (EEO) and Affirmative activity (AA) employer. Standard applicants will receive consideration for employment there is no regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sex perception or identity, nationwide origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, or special needs status.

For housing Counselors in the State that Washington, please email us at the following connect in regards to her customers loan change status: REModifications You re welcome ensure your customer has noted us through authorization to work with you.

CA: OneMain gaue won Group, llc - loans made or i ordered it pursuant to department of service Oversight California Finance Lenders License. CT: OneMain customer Loan, Inc. - NMLS # 937358. NH: OneMain jae won Group, llc – NMLS # 1339418. PA: OneMain gaue won Group, gmbh – licensed by the Pennsylvania department of Banking and also Securities.

For occupants of the State of Washington only: OneMain jae won Group, gmbh – customer Loan firm License – NMLS # 1339418. Click below for the NMLS Consumer accessibility Database.

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