I don't really have a favorite, since I never discovered a fanfic that i loved for One piece (Most likely because it's rather hard to produce a an excellent fanfic because that this series, unlike various other like Naruto or Boku No Hero whereby there is more liberties for the plot. If someone want some recommandation because that those series, feel totally free to ask me.)

But right here are a couple of I enjoyed and could recommend, the one in bold are the one the I appreciated the most :

Long Fics :

One shooting :

It's like you've been preparing for this inquiry for your whole life. How long go making this take, v all the links and also stuff?

Mist of memories by HeroR ~ above fanfiction.net. A fine written work-related where the Strawhats have to visit Luffy's life memory to conserve him indigenous an entity thay hold his mental prisoner. The fanfic usually covers the whole manga until marineford, and also the strawhats reaction to the occasions are very canon conscient.

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Definitely recommend. Yet i think warmth Memories and also Brotherly Bonds was a much better read. It's longer and also has a comparable premise, so examine it the end if friend haven't already. There's additionally an incomplete sequel of all their memories indigenous Fishman Island and also private memories of the crew such as Zoro's sacrifice in the finish of Thriller Bark.

I think there was one fanfic i really liked. A one-shot.

Sabo psychic Ace from the newspaper declaring Ace's execution. Using the Revolutionary network, that gathered the Straw Hats with Robin and her Vivre Card.

Marineford arc had Sabo and the rest of the Straw Hats sign up with the battle.

Which one?

The ProfessorGemini : https://imgur.com/a/Oww2uZT


The indigenous Ka to art : https://imgur.com/gallery/xo2TX3A

Because both room excellent.

Warm-blooded Creature- that a one shot the centers around Sanji and also his backstory, ns don’t wanna damn it too much. The last sentence is yes, really cheesy imo, but it’s nicely written.

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A storm warning: firestorm

Ace, the newest member the the White mustache pirates, races versus time to save his crewmates indigenous a cursed disease. Sabo, a loose cannon in the Revolutionary Army, rushes to discover the fate that a shed comrade. Their search leads them both to OK Ori Island, where Doc vacation is do a an effective drug the can bring the people Government success in all conflicts


Fire Prince: through fire and also brimstone

Ace is take away aboard the Maiden's Sorrow two weeks after ~ leaving Windmill Village. Captain Flint, a pirate of great notoriety for all the worst reasons, decides to pressure him to be the ship's brand-new cabin boy after Ace challenges him. As soon as the crew ends up in danger, Ace have to decide come escape or conserve the crew he never ever wanted come be part of


Dark sea: A matter of trust

A Dark Sea Chronicles story within the "The King and also The Princess". Luffy, still reeling native Pudding's betrayal, takes a second bigger blow from Law. Yet is the hearts Pirate Captain really out to steal the throne native Luffy or is regulation is desperate require of help from friends that won't give up him?


Naked sailing

All the fabric on the Thousand sunny is bring away by a strange old man, leaving the crew naked. Now, being days, perhaps even weeks far from reaching land, sex-related tensions mount amongst the Straw hat pirates together they battle their carnal urges...! LuffyxNami


Asteria nightmare

On this island, it's personal. The occupants don't simply steal your body; they feeding on your dreams. Attributes all Straw Hats. Nakamaship; no pairings. Complete.


Boy v a scar

Luffy disappeared a day after Sabo died. Four years later on he came earlier with a servant brand, shed into his flesh. Every little thing happened to him, make Luffy see the world differently. Follow him on his trip to become the Pirate King, the freest human in the world, together snippets the his past slowly reveal itself to his crew. (AU, stronger/more mature/darker/jaded Luffy, no romance)


On height of the world; romantic dawn

Pirates are barbarians, every one of them. Filthy, bloody murderers sailing the sea trying to find their next prey. It’s said that as soon as branded v the location of the pirate, you lose your soul and also become nothing yet a starving beast. The girl looked up at the various other woman v a wide, difficult grin and eyes the colour of pure gold. “I’m Monkey D. Ruffy.” she eyes flashed as her grin widened. “Pirate.”