One Piece: 10 finest Devil Fruit That counter Each Other, Ranked One Piece"s devil Fruit provide some of the most unique abilities in fiction, with a few capable of even countering other adversary Fruit.

One item Gomu Gomu no Mi and also Mera Mera no Mi
devil Fruit are a major source of strength in One Piece. Adversary Fruit grant significant powers to those two eat them, however take far their capacity to swim. While not all evil one Fruit powers room equally great, lock all make the user more powerful than they were prior to eating them.

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Most personalities in One Piece rely on Haki to respond to the most powerful Devil Fruit abilities, however a couple of have granted characters the power they should fight off specific Devil Fruit.

Enel Unleashing The Rumble-Rumble Fruit
Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type adversary Fruit that was consumed by Enel, the key antagonist the the Skypiea arc. Goro Goro no Mi allows Enel come turn right into lightning in ~ will and also manipulate it together he likes. Luffy"s Gomu Gomu no Mi provides him a rubber man, an interpretation the power of lightning is ineffective against him. As soon as the two combated on Skypiea, Luffy was said to be the natural adversary of God Enel because of his capability to stand up to his powers.

Ace and Aokiji-One Piece
hurry Hie no Mi is an additional Logia-type adversary Fruit the was eaten by former Admiral Aokiji the the Marines. Hurry Hie no Mi allows him regulate ice and turn into it at will. Aokiji"s powers are quite dangerous as soon as pit against the Mera Mera no Mi, which allows its user create, control, and also become flames itself. Aokiji clashed v Ace during the paramount War and also his evil one Fruit inferiority was conveniently visible.

Marine captain Shu and his rust adversary fruit
Buki Buki no Mi was eaten by none other than infant 5 of the Happo Navy ago when she to be member that the Donquixote Pirates. This adversary Fruit is a Paramecia-type and permits her to rotate into any kind of weapon at will. Shu"s Sabi Sabi no Mi allows him to set rust come anything that he touches, meaning a single touch the his palm is sufficient to damage all the weapons that the Buki Buki no Mi deserve to produce. Shu ruined Zoro"s Yubashiri with just a single touch of his palm.

7 Mira Mira No Mi Counters Noro Noro No Mi

consumed by Charlotte Brulee, Mira Mira no Mi is a Paramecia-type evil one Fruit that allows her to create mirrors in ~ will. She also gains accessibility to a totally new dimension, known as the Mirro-World, i m sorry she can access through any kind of mirror.

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Mira Mira no Mi is the perfect respond to for Foxy"s Noro Noro no Mi, i beg your pardon shoots a beam of irradiate at a person. Using mirrors, the light have the right to be reflect back, as seen when Foxy did that himself.

Blackbeard"s Yami Yami no Mi is one incredibly an effective Devil Fruit and enables him to produce and also control darkness in ~ will. According to Blackbeard, his darkness has actually infinite gravity, definition it have the right to suck in anything approximately it, including light itself. Kizaru"s Pika Pika no Mi, despite strong, was standing no chance against the gravitational traction of the Yami Yami no Mi.

5 Mera Mera No Mi Counters Pero Pero No Mi

Mera Mera no Mi is easily one of the most powerful Logia-type devil Fruits in One Piece as it allows its user to transform right into flames and also manipulate them in ~ will. Perospero"s Pero Pero no Mi lets that to develop candy and control it as he likes, but that weakness to fire makes the Mera Mera no Mi a natural counter.

Netsu Netsu no Mi is a Paramecia-type adversary Fruit eaten by Charlotte Oven, the Minister of Baking for the large Mom Pirates. Oven deserve to increase the temperature the his body significantly using his devil Fruit.

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A only touch the his fist is enough to burn someone and this renders him a perfect counter for the Yuki Yuki no Mi, which allows the user come to be snow and also control it. If the Yuki Yuki no Mi is powerful, that can"t was standing heat and will melt within seconds in that presence.

3 Gomu Gomu No Mi also Counters Gura Gura No Mi

Gomu Gomu is a counter to the Goro Goro no Mi, however it can additionally resist the strength of the Gura Gura no Mi. The the strongest Paramecia, Gura Gura no Mi allows the user to produce quakes out of slim air in ~ will. These quakes can additionally be offered to win a person and also the vibrations are powerful enough to shatter your bones, but the Gomu Gomu no Mi sponsor immunity against this power due to its rubber properties.

eaten by Daz Bones, Supa Supa no Mi is a powerful Paramecia-type adversary Fruit that turned him right into a dice person by producing a blade the end of his entire body. Supa Supa no Mi is quite dangerous and also even offered Roronoa Zoro fairly a many trouble. Versus Diamond Jozu"s Kira Kira no Mi, however, that is powers room useless. Jozu"s toughness is a natural counter versus the dicing strength of the Supa Supa no Mi.

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1 Bara Bara No Mi Counters Ito Ito No Mi Perfectly

Donquixote Doflamingo"s Ito Ito no Mi permits him to develop strings in ~ will. These strings are extremely sharp and slice similar to blades. Ito Ito no Mi also allows Doflamingo to manage others by utilizing Parasite, but every these abilities have small advantage against Buggy"s Bara Bara no Mi. Buggy"s devil Fruit makes him fully impervious to slash-based attacks. Furthermore, Buggy have the right to simply scramble his body parts and completely avoid details attacks, making his fruit a perfect counter for Doflamingo"s.

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