After the harrowing escape from the rising waters, Gumo seems to have saved us, and we awaken on the beach… of a sort. We’re in Thornfelt Swamp now, and will soon have the Stomp ability and go exploring. First thing’s first, we’re going to open a shortcut. Dive into the water and swim to the upper-left exit. On the far left here, use Charge Flame to bust open the ceiling, allowing the waters above to flood the room. If you’ve been following along, this should be the 5th shortcut you’ve opened with Charge Flame, netting you the A New Path achievement.

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A New PathBreak open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame



Return to the main lake room and swim down. There are five more branches to explore here: middle-left, bottom-left, top-right, middle-right, and bottom-right. The top-right and middle-left underwater branches don’t lead to anything special. The middle-right one is full of spikes, and nets you credit for Secret Area #13/45, as well as a Spirit Energy orb. The bottom-left one has a Keystone, as does the bottom-right. Make sure to go all the way to the right, past the second set of crushing rocks, to get Map Stone Fragment #4/9 from the bottom-right branch as well. Swim back up to the top, but before exiting to the right, put the fragment into Map Stone #4/9 on the left. This will get you the achievement for half of the map stones, even though 4/9 isn’t technically 50%. If you’re struggling to deal with the Ram enemy near it, just come back shortly, once you have the Stomp ability.

Halfway ThereRestore 50% of all Map Stones


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Through the exit to the right, you’ll have to jump across some hanging logs and use Bash on a Ground Worm’s projectile to get up through a vertical spike-lined shaft. Use Wall Jump off the left wall, and Bash off the hanging light, to get over the spikes to the right and reach a small Spirit Tree, where you will gain the Stomp ability. You can test it on the breakable ground to the right. From here, there is a Ground Worm up to your right. You can bash off his projectile to the right for the normal path, but you need to come back later with Charge Jump to fully explore, so use Bash off the projectile to fly up to the left the way you came in. You’ll fall onto the spikes above, but should have enough health to jump up off of them and bash off the hanging light to get far enough left, allowing you to drop back down the spike-lined shaft and save some time.

Go left across the lake, placing the map stone if you still haven’t and dealing with the Ram. Before using Stomp on the floor to the left to continue, climb up the tree just left of the map stone to find Secret Area #14/45, as well as Ability Cell #3/33. Return to the map stone and Stomp your way down through the floor to the left. Continue left from the bottom and you’ll pass through the room where you drained the water, breaking open another floor to continue. Just left of this, you’ll pass a Frog enemy and see a weak wooden beam on the floor. Stomp this to break through, revealing Secret Area #15/45. Directly above this is a well-hidden Spirit Energy orb near the ceiling of the room with the Frog. A carefully-placed bash off the left Spider’s projectile combined with double jumping can net that orb now, or you can return later with other abilities to get it easier. You can also use Bash to reflect the left two Spiders’ projectiles back at them to net the Deadly Deflection achievement easily here.

Deadly DeflectionKill 25 enemies using Bash to reflect projectiles


MOON GROTTO (2nd visit)

Past the two Spiders, you’ll be back in the main shaft of the Moon Grotto. Drop down a couple levels, and explore the branch on the right side, directly beneath the spirit well, to find Health Cell #5/12. We didn’t come here on the first visit, because you need Bash to get to that health cell. If you didn’t get Health Cell #2/12 from the branch down to the left (through the door that requires two energy to open), do so now. You’ll need to go down there to fully explore that room anyway, as there is a Spirit Energy orb down in the water that you couldn’t get back when it was purple/dangerous. Go back up and into the branch on the left, directly across from the one with Health Cell #5. This one should look familiar, as you got an Energy Cell here on the first visit. You should see the Ram enemy below, and the Stompers to the left.

Go all the way to the left across this area, past the three Stompers and the Jumper enemy. You should be in the room where you got a secret area before. Drop down into the water and open the door to the right to get Ability Cell #4/33. If you want to refill your energy at the spirit well in the main shaft and come back, you can open the door to the left as well, but we’ll return here later. At this point you should have about 95% on Moon Grotto’s exploration, give or take. Return to the top of Moon Grotto, and exit through the purple laser room to the right to reach Thornfelt Swamp again. We’re going to do some brief exploration to grab more collectibles before carrying on to Black Root Burrows.



Our next major stop is Black Root Burrows, but now that you have several of the key abilities, it’s time to do some map exploration to clean up some things prior to moving on with the main path. This isn’t the most EFFICIENT path, mind you. It’s better to come back for some of these after you’ve obtained Light Burst and Charge Jump, specifically the stuff in Thornfelt Swamp. But in the interests of matching as closely to the 100% Collectibles video as possible (although there are a few MINOR difference in this text guide), and of telling you the earliest possible time to obtain upgrades to make the rest of the main path easier, I’m including some of this here. From the exit at the top of Moon Grotto, if you go right, you’ll be back in Thornfelt Swamp, in the room with the Ground Worms.

Up until now, I’ve given detailed step-by-step instructions. However, there is quite a lot of map exploration that you can do at this point, and talking you through it step-by-step would take pages and pages, and would likely lead to exhaustion on both our parts. Instead, I’m going to list below all of the items you should be able to collect prior to advancing to Black Root Burrows, as well as a handy set of maps below showing all of their locations. I have them numbered on the maps according to the numbers they are in my 100% collectibles video, aka the earliest you can obtain them. I take a much different, more efficient path, in the 100% walkthrough video, as I go to Black Root Burrows before getting many of these. Use the maps on the Tips/Roadmap/Maps page for everything but the ability cells here. The ability cells are included in the 100% collectibles video if you"re struggling to find them. If you didn’t 100%-clear Ginso Tree yet, do that now as well. During this section, you should collect the following:

Ability Cells #5-7

Secret Areas #16-18

Health Cells #6-9

Spirit Well #6 (up near Mt. Horu)

While exploring here, when you run across one of the large Blob enemies, use Bash and aim directly upward off of it. As soon as you release

to do the bash, press and hold it again so that you can activate another bash on the way down, as you reach the enemy again. Keep doing this until you’ve bashed upward off of it 10 times without touching the ground, and you’ll unlock Bash Master.


Continue to the right after the scene to enter Black Root Burrows. This first area is very dark. I would recommend saving as soon as you enter, and explore a bit to get a feel for where the spikes and drop-offs are. It’s very difficult to describe where to go here, so I’ll just say that from the start, you essentially want to hug the left wall and keep dropping down/going to the left. Look for the glowing, floating platforms that you can land on as you go down/left, and try to jump to them. Walking will usually end up in falling onto spikes, or worse. You will soon reach a room with two floating, glowing vertical beams. Jump across these to the left to get to the Light Burst orb and pick it up with . This is similar to the mechanic in Misty Woods, where you’re carrying an orb, negating your ability to double-jump, bash, etc.

Once you pick up the orb, go left and up, then make your way through the floating, glowing platform section. This section is very straight forward, as there is only one path you can really take, since you can’t double-jump or anything. You’ll have to dodge some Spider projectiles as you make your way across the floating platforms. If you’ve been following along you should have plenty of energy and an upgraded Charge Flame, making short work of the Spider enemies. Once you make your way back to the main room, you’ll have to go across the bottom, lighting torches that raise the platforms beneath the spikes below. A turret will be firing from your left as you do this, but for the most part you’ll be beneath its projectiles, except while standing on the first and last pillars.

To the far right, you’ll use bounce pads to jump up through three green lasers. Be patient here, and wait until just when the lasers are about to stop before jumping onto the bounce pad each time, especially the last one, which you have to anticipate a little, as its “off” time is very short. Once you pass these, make your way up the floating platforms to the top-right corner to light another torch, opening the way forward. In the next room, you’ll go up more floating platforms and will be moving to the right, beneath a green laser. You’ll note that the light from your orb will make barriers appear above, stopping the laser. Jump off the moving platform onto a stationary one that is only visible when it the orb’s light. Put the orb down here with so that it keeps the barrier in front of the laser, and jump up to the upper-right corner to hit a lever, raising a statue below.

Drop down to the statue and the orb will follow you, so pick it up and place it in the statue to light the area, revealing a small Spirit Tree to the right where you’ll earn one of the two new abilities: Dash. Hitting

will make you dart along the ground, and once the top ability tree upgrade is obtained, it will allow you to dash in the air as well. From the tree, go to the right and use the new Dash ability to zip past a long line of Stompers to find Map Stone Fragment #5. Return to the tree and drop down through the newly-opened shaft just left of it.

Just at the bottom of this shaft is a small lever that opens a door way down and to the right, which you have to dash through the tiers below to reach in time. This leads to the Map Stone for the fragment above, as well as a Spirit Well, Health Cell, and the boulder chase for an achievement. But before we do that, we’re going to 100% explore the area below, since we have Stomp. So ignore that lever and go to the bottom tier of this shaft, using Stomp to break through the floor below. You’ll reach Lost Grove, a new area, although it is included within Black Root Burrows on the map screen.


Continue down to the bottom of the shaft, using Dash to get past the shortly-timed green laser. At the bottom, you’ll see a Pink Jelly to the right and a Jumper below you. Go to the left from the Jumper, and you’ll need to dash through a narrow gap quickly, in between laser bursts. Drop down after the laser fires, dash twice, and jump out to avoid instant death. Keep going left and the next room will have a spinning obstacle with four green instant-death lasers coming out of it. Dash across the bottom between lasers, then use the bounce pad to make it up the left-hand side. Make sure you bounce up just behind a laser so that the next one coming around doesn’t nail you midway up. At the top-left corner of the room, you’re relatively safe, so take a breath.

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If you have the Air Dash upgrade on the top tree already, this next part is simple. If not, you’ll have to double-jump across to the right, above the spinning wheel of death, in between two of its laser arms. Dashing across is much easier, which is why Air Dash is awesome to have by now. Once you make it to the right, past the death wheel, use Bash off the Bird enemy to make it to the ledge above to your left. Continue to the left and drop down through the floor to reach another small Spirit Tree, where you will gain a very handy new ability, Light Burst, used via

. This ability is necessary to light torches scattered around the map, which open paths necessary for 100% map completion. You can also toss one of its projectiles up, then jump and bash off your own projectile, a handy trick for reaching some of the harder-to-reach areas.

From the tree, jump up the wall to the left and onto the hanging platform. Toss a Light Burst projectile to the torch on the left, which lowers a hanging log to the right. Jump over to the log, and toss another projectile up to the torch above to the right, lowering another platform. Jump onto this one, dealing with the Pink Jelly above, and toss a final projectile over the spikes up to your right, lighting a 3rd torch to open the exit door, as well as netting you the Explosive Lobb achievement.