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_juliawebb) march 12, 2018

And his reply? “I'm typically paid in beer.”

I’m commonly paid in beer

— Brendon Urie (
brendonurie) march 12, 2018

Honestly, we could make this happen. Brendon Urie to sing at our wedding? A dream come true.

Although we will certainly say this an answer is the actual winner.

i’m usually paid in naivety

— anthony amorim is lo:st (
AnthonyAmorim) march 12, 2018

The Panic! at The Disco frontman could be a small busy by the look at of it, though.He shared a video last week wherein he appearedto be getting ready for something. And also our fingers room crossed the something is brand-new music. (!!!)

Last month,Uriesaid the band's sixth albumwas recorded and in the mix stages. Plus, the treated pan to a tiny taste of something new.

Yeah, Brendon is acquiring us all kinds of excited. (And gaining our really hopes up because that a seriously epos wedding, too!)

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