Have any kind of of you been pissed at the reality that Studio Gainax trolled you with the Season 2 banner in ~ the finish of Panty and Stocking v Garterbelt?


I understand I was. It"s been virtually 5 year now since the series ended and any opportunity of a season 2 is all however gone now. Kind of choose Highschool that the Dead lol. However, fear not for someone has taken the upon us of creating their really own variation of the Season 2 the Panty and also Stocking through Garterbeltthat us never got in the kind of a web-comic series.

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Okay. Time for regular english. I wanted to do a post about this because I feel like this requirements attention specifically if your a pan of Panty and Stocking. I was looking approximately Tumblr yesterday for any great potential pictures of Panty and also stocking or an ext too be certain Stocking Anarchy. I taken place to stumble top top an account referred to as AskPSG.


Essentially it"s a askblog the was themed around Panty and Stocking and also other Studio Gainax animes prefer Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann( i think ).


The art was quite damn great so I decided to monitor them...until I found something complete awesome. A connect to Snafu-Comics which is a web-comic site that residences some exceptional web-comics.


One of the most infamous users being Bleedman that I"ve been reading his comics because that years with Powerpuff girls D and Grim Tales...I"m a pan of his art style and also comics lol.

Anyway, it was below where I found the web-comic "PSG Season 2>" i m sorry is being developed by a team of artists at the AskPSG blog referred to as OtakoStudio. Why ns didn"t notice before ns don"t know, however it"s probably because I only came too Snafu for PPGD and also Grim Tales.

The story takes location straight turn off from whereby the the anime ended with Brief and Chuck collecting the piece of Panty while Scanty and also Kneesocks room moving into Garterbelt"s Church. They also have the job now of fighting ghosts the seems. Stocking Anarchy is still with Corset. Sadly however this isn"t the funny candy eating Stocking we"ve involved know. You know...after that bullcrap ending.

I won"t spoil anything though in case anyone is interested in actually going to Snafu and checking the end the comic which I very recommend. The arts is extremely impressive pretty much catching the true look and feel of the anime pretty good. Castle are plainly putting in the effort for the comic through the numerous examples they have.

The comic however is tho fairly brand-new though only going a little above 20 pages therefore far, but to have actually a location on the Snafu-Comics website is a true honor for them and they deserve it. Now as I claimed this is a team of artist that space working with each other on the comic which is quite awesome. I"ll try and give the credit whereby it"s due because that each one who work-related on the comic and contribute to their Tumblr page.

Otako-Studio team Deviant Page

OtakoStudio (Founder)

Hatsuraikun (Co-Founder)

Berserkbrandee (Co-Founder)

Master-Sweez (Co-Founder)

Fushark (Co-Founder)

BlindCatComics (Co-Founder)

Excuse me if probably I miss someone. I"m having actually too use the main group and and the tumblr web page for research study while i make this. They likewise have a Patreon page and other means of checking out the comic and also even sustaining it. I"ll attach these also.

Snafu-Comics PSG Season 2

AskPSG Tumblr

Patreon PSG Season 2

PSG Season 2 Facebook

Now the reason for make this blog is since I desire this comic to obtain some exposure and also as much support as feasible as it continues too get far better and better. It"s still fairly brand-new so there is lot for improvement. We never got that Season 2 of Panty and Stocking and this is about the best alternative for the then anything. It may not it is in official, however I don"t care and if these people are ready to placed this quantity of initiative into do it then they deserve part exposure. Ns love Panty and Stocking and so much this could become something purely amazing if ongoing to be excellent right.

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Personal Opinion the the comic so far: so far I to be 100% top top board v this comic. So much it"s gotten the feel of the display pretty good so far. That feels a tiny bit serious at the moment, but I think it"s mostly because they room trying to set up the story so far from where the show left off. Exactly how they are going to manage the plot while in ~ the exact same time implementing the random and WTF nature the show gave is yet to it is in seen other than for a few moments. However, I believe they have actually what it takes to pull it off. Ns hope anyway. The critical Gainax influenced comic ns red was dual K which to be a Miami evil web-comic based turn off of Gurren Lagann.