Just hours after revealing the an initial tantalizing clip the the Friday Night Lights/Parenthood crossover web series, NBC released the complete Friday Night in ~ the Luncheonette. Together you would certainly expect once two heartbreakingly perfect two shows known for developing intense emotional reactions come together, it ceded plenty of feels.

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The premise was simple. Parenthood"s Amber it s okay stuck watching her cousin Max after job-related on the very same Friday night that she allow a friend-of-a-friend"s band document at the Luncheonette. The band turned the end to be Friday Night Lights" notorious Crucifictorious, lead by Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons). In the center of the recording session, the band"s "road manager" Billy Riggins transforms it into a party, and later Landry help Amber clean up the mess.

But Jason Katims, the writer and executive producer the both series, couldn"t let such a long-awaited event be so standard. The 19 minute crossover functions a ton that callbacks to Friday Night Lights and also integrates the two mirrors perfectly. Mae Whitman likely deserves several of the credit, due to the fact that the Parenthood star is also a vast Friday Night lights fan.

It might not be the movie the FNL fans have been patiently waiting for, but Friday Night at the Luncheonette is a beautiful tribute come the present that us all miss. So beautiful, in fact, that in simply those 19 minute there to be so, so countless moments that offered us so, so plenty of feels. Acquire those clear eye ready, right here are all of the moments that made our hearts full.

Amber"s Outfit


From its first moment, Friday Night at the Luncheonette hits us with the sentimentality as Amber casually put on an eastern Dillon Lions shirt. It renders perfect feeling that with everything she"s to be through, Amber would root for the underdog lions over the town-pride Panthers.

Landry"s Introduction

First we uncover out the Amber and also Becky recognize each other, which might be a ethereal shout the end to castle both having dated a character play by Matt Lauria, Luke and Ryan, who both likewise happen to be in the army. Then, there"s Lance. Bad Landry could never obtain Coach Taylor to remember his real name and also apparently Amber has the very same problem. Maybe once Crucifictorious provides it huge people will realize the Landry is a precious name.

The Success the Crucifictorious

In the years because we last experienced them perform, Crucifictorious has become a very professional operation. Not only do castle barely need time to rehearse, however we find out that among their songs was provided in a commercial. It was so popular that Landry dropped out of university to go after his music full-time, and now we deserve to rest easy knowing that he"s chasing his dreams, and presumably hasn"t eliminated anyone else.

Billy Riggins

If there to be one personality on Friday Night Lights that didn"t need any type of kind the growth, it to be Billy. As soon as a team of civilization ready come party bust right into the Luncheonette, you recognize BIlly is responsible, due to the fact that that"s who he is. Later on when we find out that Billy has been traveling with the band since Mindy kicked him the end of the house ("don"t ever before have twins"), we recognize that they"ll it is in okay, since it"s Billy and also Mindy. He"ll return through some cute souvenirs because that the kids and also apologize for everything he did and also they"ll get ago to normal. It"s good to know things are precisely how we left them.

Devin"s Return


It was nice to watch that Devin has stayed through Crucifictorious after every one of this time, and even far better to view her it is in a good part the the crossover. She gets recorded smoking weed through Max, and also later is able come teach the what a lesbian is, when avoiding any very particular questions. Devin officially ended up being the crossover MVP as soon as she to express an attention in Amber, since that could be the finest crossover couple of all time.

Tim Riggins" Legacy

Well, the second best. Simply hearing Tim"s name again obtained us excited, and also to hear that somewhere, somehow, he and Amber hooked up was nearly too much to handle. Was she in Dillon? to be he in Berkeley? was it somewhere else completely? us now require a prequel come the crossover that describes this relationship, or we"ll spend the rest of our resides wondering. And also Landry, the price is yes.

Landry obtaining the Girl

Wait, is this the ideal crossover couple? Amber might have chemistry v every single FNL character, however her kiss with Landry was the sweetest minute of the entire episode. We"ve watched Landry chase girls come no avail time and also time again, for this reason to watch someone as an excellent as Amber return his feelings to be indescribably fulfilling. Never offer up, Landry.

The many Emotional moment in the history of Television

After Devin engaged with some mild flirtation v Amber, Billy started spray painting among the walls. The episode continues without reflecting that wall, and also you kind of forget about it. Till the critical shot.

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When those doors close, it"s prefer a suddenly shock to your heart. Texas forever. We haven"t heard that expression uttered through a Riggins due to the fact that the FNL finale, and also now, below it is. Permanently shown on a wall of the Luncheonette. Give thanks to you, Jason Katims, for mirroring us that as lengthy as us love Friday Night Lights, and also it is accessible on Netflix, Texas really is forever.

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