This product originates from the Garden Grove, California location. Please keep in mind that each ar carries different items for this reason it may not be offered at your neighborhood Costco and also some items are only sold for a restricted time . Products additionally rotate throughout the year to make room for new products so items may no much longer be marketed at the moment of her visit because of it being discontinued. Prices may additionally vary. Be sure to inspect with your regional Costco because that availability.

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“Just bought some, I reduced up part fresh garlic and olive oil and also Parmesan on optimal an it’s better than going out to an Italian Restaurant !!!”

“Love these v some pesto. So great for a quickie dinner as soon as you don’t feel prefer cooking.’

“Yummy. I obtain them alot”

“It comes with 2 bags that seasoning and also all you require is a drizzle of olive oil”

“One of mine favorites!!!”

“If I desire a sauce v it I use a red marinara”

“OMG!! THOSE ARE way Easily prepared and also are AWESOME!!!”

“We love this ravioli! i tried it in the air fryer tonight and it to be delicious!! Crunchy on the outside and also the spinach and also mozzarella melted in your mouth! therefore good”

“These room hands under the best ravioli EVER”

“Delicious with simply the cheesy sprinkle they offer you.”

“Best dinner ever!!!”

“:I have a whole bunch that bags of this in mine freezer I constantly buy extra once they’re ~ above sale”

“I make a homemade parmesan alfredo sauce, and it it exactly what this pasta needs.”

“Sooo yummy!!”

“Fave! my kids additionally love the so score hahaha”

“The best!! placed these in the air fryer – they come the end awesome!!”

” It’s a clip item on our weekly run. I fried food Them in the air fryer, ns make a lasagna out of them, and also of course offer them the classic way, too. We choose them.”

“It’s soo good! “

“I make it v the Kirkland Pesto Sauce & cook extra spinach when cooking the ravioli.”

“We liked these”

“I add the prego pasta sauce and also parm cheese! These room my fave!!!”

“Dredge in egg and coat with Italian breadcrumbs and fry them”

“Although i don’t favor frozen meals, i love this one”

“It comes v a garlic cheese load inside. I just put a little olive oil and sprinkled the packet top top top. It was fabulous!”

“Saute in butter and olive oil and include rosemary and mushrooms.”

“The best with some great ole Alfredo sauce!”

“Love them“

“I prefer them with olive oil and seasoning or marinara sauce and seasoning. Supervisor good”

“We acquire this all the moment we love it. “

“I’ve never included sauce- I just mix through the small pouch it comes with and also some olive oil or butter.”

“A staple in mine house “

“I eat them with simply a small olive oil and the packet it comes v of seasonings/cheese.”

“We love it through RAO sauce! for this reason good!”

“I love love love the seasoning that comes v it. Use that and EVOO”

“Drizzle with olive sauce and also grated cheese”

“We don’t use sauce. Us toss it with some olive oils and mix in the seasoning packet from within the bag and that’s it. It’s delicious!”

“Omg these room the finest AMAZING!!”

“I prefer with olive oil and also the seasoning that comes with the package.

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That’s it. No sauce”


This supposedly is a really popular product among all the Costco members and there are no bad reviews available.

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