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About the collegePaul Mitchell is a household name with great hair treatment products and styling aids plus countless salon areas in assorted states across the US. Because that over two decades Paul Mitchell the school has been giving future beauty college graduates with high quality hands top top training. The name Paul Mitchell is recognized global and currently you can be a component of its win team where you have the right to use Paul Mitchell commodities to do the world beautiful and impress employers. CampusCalifornia is state with countless salon choices for graduates as soon as they enter the beauty, beauty field and job market. Paul Mitchell the school is located in Santa Barbara, California and it has actually a beautiful site. The campus/salon is located at the halfway suggest between the cities of mountain Francisco and LA. Santa Barbara is a city recognized for that beautiful sunny weather and also days spent on the beach. The city is complete of celebrity sightings, surfing 24/7, and good college scene. CoursesPaul Mitchell the school has actually the best beauty products, equipment, and professionals in the field so that their students acquire a well-rounded educational experience. The Santa Barbara campus and also salon teaches students the basics in your cosmetology program. The course is taught through the Paul Mitchell three-phase program. The very first phase is the introductory main point phase. The 2nd phase is the adaptive component where students learn time management, communication, and also retailing. The last phase is an imaginative where the future graduate mirrors what they have actually learned.With the cosmetology course students find out hair design, cutting, coloring, multicultural method plus comprise applications and also the many recent fashion trends. At Paul Mitchell the skills that you discover will it is in the foundation that beginning your lucrative and success beauty, beauty career.

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College Type: Offering: One but less than two years certificateCampus Setting: City, SmallCampus housing Available: NoStudent Population: 35, 100% undergraduates

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