Trinkets are collectibles the will give you passive effects.You can have just one trinket at a time. (or two with Mom’s Purse or ship Button)While organized Mom’s Box most of trinkets have twin effect.There space 60 trinkets in rebirth, through 29 added in afterbirth, and also 35 added in afterbirth+

Rebirth component I

Swallowed penny – autumn a coin after damages takenPetrified Poop – Raises drop opportunity from poopAAA Battery – Recharge critical slot of energetic itemBroken far – arbitrarily teleport when active item is usedPurple love – more champion opponents will spawnBroken Magnet – just works for coinsRosary Bead – more Eternal Heart and Angel Room chanceCartridge – opportunity to Gamekid impact upon taking damagePulse Worm – Hitbox of tears is growing when they space shootWiggle Worm – Tears fly in best left pattern when shootRing Worm – Tears fly in ring pattern as soon as shootFlat Worm – much better knockback, tears are currently flat and also has larger hitboxesStore credit – One point from shop is totally free ( One-time use)Callus – Immune to spikes and also any creepLucky rock – Rocks autumn coins when destroyedMom’s Toenail – mom is currently stomping randomly every 60 in screen dealing 300 dmg. Harms player tooBlack Lipstick – boosts chance for black hearts come spawnBible street – increases chance for black hearts come spawn, likewise locks angel Rooms after taking care of DevilPaper Clip – gold chests are opened up without keysMonkey Paw – once you reach half a love of life remaining, a black color heart will spawn. After three black hearts have spawned, the trinket dissapearsMysterious document – has a possibility to create effects that The Polaroid, The Negative, lacking Poster, lacking Page. Small chance to take it player come The Chest or to The Dark Room without having actually The an unfavorable or The PolaroidDemon’s Tail – Every future heart (except Super mystery room hearts will certainly be re-rolled to another pickups with possibility to come to be a black color heartMissing Poster – dice in sacrifice room unlocks ”The Lost”. In Afterbirth girlfriend will constantly respawn together ”The Lost” when you dice in sacrifice room when holding this trinketButt penny – Player farts after picking up any kind of coinMysterious liquid – arbitrarily poop spawnHook Worm – Tears paris in Hook pattern once shootWhip Worm – range up, Shoot rate upBroken Ankh – has actually 22,22% chance to respawn as “Blue Baby” after dyingFish Head – Every damage that player take it blue fly will certainly spawnPinky Eye – Tears have chance to it is in poisonedPush pen – Tears have actually chance to be spectral and piercingLiberty lid – Random effect ( Mini Mush, The Compass, odd Mushroom (first and second)) because that each roomUmbilicaL Cord – once on half a heart Lil Steven acquainted will spawnChilds heart – an ext red hearts dropsCyrved Horn – +2 DMGRusted key – an ext Keys and also ChestsGoat Hoof – rate upMom’s Pearl – has actually a opportunity to turn heart to spirit heartCancer – -2 Tera delayRed spot – Upon taking dmg you have actually a possibility to get +1.8 dmg up for existing roomMatch stick – Only method to remove “Tick” trinket, more bombs chanceLucky toes – +1 LuckCursed Skull – after ~ taking damage teleports friend room backSafety lid – an ext pills chanceAce the Spades – more cards chanceIsaac’s Fork – ~ clearing a room you has actually a possibility to cure a half heartThe Polaroid – previously in game as trinket now as items after clearing depths 2 will generate with The NegativeMissing page – once taking dmg player has a opportunity to activate Necronomicon effectBloody penny – After picking up a coin player have actually a opportunity to spawn half a red heartBurnt penny – After picking up a coin player have actually a chance to generate bombFlat penny – After picking up a coin player have a possibility to spawn keyCounterfeit coin – After choose up a coin player have a possibility to gain an additional one

Rebirth component II

Tick – Every ceo is damaged come 85% of his health and also player is cure by red love if possibleIsaac’s Head – Player obtain Isaac’s Head familiar that shooting piercing tears 3.5 dmgMaggy’s confidence – Eternal heart will certainly be got on every floor startJudas’ Tongue – to reduce Devils deals price indigenous 2 red hearts to 1???’s spirit – generate a familiar that shoots the very same direction together player and moves similar to the “GB BUG”Samson’s Lock – after ~ killing adversary player have actually a opportunity to get +0.5 dmg up for existing roomCain’s Eye – 25% come activate The Compass effectEve’s Bird Foot – once you death an opponent player have a opportunity to spawn Dead Bird for current roomThe Left Hand – Every chest is replaced to red chest


Shiny absent – Tinted rocks and also those rocks which has crawl room below will certainly shine when per 100 secondsSafety Scissors – Troll bombs will certainly be disarmedRainbow Worm – arbitrarily Word effectsTape Worm – dual range, halve tear heightLazy Worm – Shoot rate down, variety up, tear heightCracked Dice – once damaged have a chance to cause random dice effectSuper Magnet – every little thing is slowly moving in the direction of youFaded Polaroid – random camo effectLouse – arbitrarily blue spider spawn when enemies in roomBob’s Bladder – Creates environment-friendly creep under your bombsWatch Battery – Raises battery drops, chance to charge active item ~ clearing a roomBlasting cap – Bombs ~ blowing have a chance to generate bomb pickupStud Finder – an ext Crawl space chanceError – random trinket impact for roomPoker Chip – Chests have 50/50 possibility to drop more pickups or it is in empty/spawn enemyBlister – much more knockbackSecond Hand – Extends results on opponents (poison, fear etc.)Endless Nameless – Upon card or pill use there is a little chance to copy and also drop that on the floorBlack Feather – +0.2 dmg for every ‘evil’ itemBlind rage – Invincibility after ~ receiving dmg critical longerGolden equine Shoe – 15% opportunity to have dual treasure room for following floor (works together mMore options item)Store vital – every shop doors are opened up for freeRib of Greed – Greed and also Ultra Greed mini bosses are no longer spawningKarma – Donating to a machine has a chance to summon a beggar or cure player for one red heartLil Larva – Spawning one blue fly after destroying poopMom’s Locket – All fifty percent red understanding are replaced with full red hearts, every vital use player will be cure for fifty percent a red heartNo! – if this trinket is held you have a substantially lower opportunity to discover spacebar/active items. That will reason passive items to spawn except when the game cannot generate any more passive items and also will then instead pick spacebar/active items. Some hard coded spacebar items indigenous bosses and also mini-bosses (i.e. Krampus Head) can still spawn.

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Bible drops led to by the Rosary item are not prevent by this trinket.Child Leash – Familiars now will be closer to each otherBrown cap – Poop will certainly explode ~ destroying

Afterbirth +

Meconium – Poop has a possibility to turn into black poopCracked Crown – sponsor extra stat upgrades based on Isaac’s passive item that rise his tear rateUsed Diaper – has a possibility to give the Skatole result when entering a roomFish Tail – Items and trinkets that create flies, will generate double as manyBlack this – has a possibility to fire a tooth, which prisoner enemiesOuroboros Worm – Tears go in a large, spiral pattern and become spectral.Tonsil – as soon as Isaac’s hit, over there is a opportunity for a Tonsil familiar to spawn, which block shots.Nose Goblin – has actually a chance to fire a Sinus infection tearSuper sphere – has a possibility to fire a Rubber Cement tearVibrant pear – gives all stats up as soon as you have a fully charged energetic item.Dim bulb – offers all stats up once you have a totally depleted active itemFragmented card – Spawns two normal secret rooms rather of one on a floorEquality – transforms pickups right into their double versions, when Isaac’s pickup counting is equal to each otherWish Bone – when Isaac is hit, over there is a chance for great Bone to generate an itemBag having lunch – when Isaac is hit, over there is a opportunity for Bag having lunch to spawn LunchLost Cork – increases size of the creep Isaac producesCrow love – as soon as Isaac is hit, and also he has red heart containers and also soul/black hearts, the damages will drainpipe only the red heart containersWalnut – when Isaac is hit, there is a opportunity for the walnut to crack and spawn pickupsDuct tape – Isaac’s familiars stop movingSilver dollar – Shops generate in the WombBloody Crown – sweetheart Rooms spawn in the WombPay to victory – A reroll machine always shows up in endowment roomsLocust of battle – Spawns a friendly fly of war, when entering a room, i beg your pardon explodes upon contact with an enemyLocust that Pestilence – Spawns a friendly paris of pestilence, when entering a room, i m sorry damages and also poisons adversaries upon call with themLocust of scarcity – Spawns a friendly paris of famine, when entering a room, which damages and slows enemies upon contact with themLocust of fatality – Spawns a friendly paris of famine, once entering a room, which does very high quantities of damages to opponents upon contact with themLocust of occupation – Spawns a 2-5 friendly paris of conquest, when entering a room, which damages enemies upon contact with themBat soup – Upon death an enemy, over there is a chance for Isaac to be granted flight for the rest of the roomStem cabinet – Heals fifty percent a heart once entering the next floorHair pin – totally charges Isaac’s held active item upon entering a boss roomWooden cross – grants a holy Mantle effect for the remainder of the floor, i beg your pardon disappears upon acquiring hitButter – utilizing an active item will certainly drop it onto a pedestal. Getting hit may sometimes do Isaac drop one of his passive itemsFiligree Feather – Angels ~ above being defeated drop items instead of an essential piecesDoor stop – permits Isaac to leaving the room he’s right now in, even when there are opponents in itExtension Cord – Beams of electricity flow through Isaac’s familiars, which damage enemiesRotten penny – Spawns a friendly paris upon choose up a coinBaby-Bender – grants homing shots because that Isaac’s familiarsFinger Bone – has actually a opportunity to give Isaac a bone heart, as soon as being hit

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