Author Alonda Williams

Penny is an 8-year-old girl through a challenge. Two of her school friends make a decision for all of them come wear your hair “down” the following day. However unlike her straight-haired friends, Penny has actually tightly curled, kinky hair — she is among just a few African-American children in she school. Until this moment, Penny has not been confronted with the concepts that she is different or that she should try to to the right in. 

When coin comes residence that day and asks her mother if she can change her hair, her mother sees it together a discovering opportunity. Instead of straightening she hair, Penny’s mom tells her a story that has actually been pass down with generations and puts Penny"s hair in puffballs instead. Her mother"s story shares the power and also beauty in Penny"s "puffballs" and also reassures her they are special. “When you wear her puffballs, amazing things will happen,” she states to Penny. 

Seattle-based author Alonda Williams crafted this tale of hair, bravery and self-acceptance based upon her own experiences through her daughter Paris. Published in 2013, Penny and the Magic Puffballs is the very first installment in a book collection created through Williams, who works as a a basic management professional by day. Williams has an MBA from Rutgers University and also has done progressed work in ~ Fuqua school of service at fight it out University and also UCLA"s Anderson school of Management. However by night, she is one up-and-coming author.

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A self-described “strategist, marketer and storyteller,” Williams founded her very own publishing company, Glori Publications, come publish the story. The second book in the series, Penny and the Magic Puffballs: Roxie"s first Day, continues to emphasis on a young girl who learns life lessons if embracing she uniqueness, and also was published in December 2016. Both functions were depicted by Tyrus Goshay. 

Penny and also puffballs additionally have a social media presence. Girls room encourage to submit photos that their very own magic puffballs top top the book"s on facebook page; and every book has a puffball gallery. 

Williams common the past and also present of the book collection in a recent interview. 

Have you constantly had aspirations to write a children book?

Actually, I had no prior aspiration to create a book. The Penny series was actually produced out that a bedtime story for my children. Storytelling is a usual practice in my family and also I would usage the story that Penny together a method to convince my kids to walk to sleep in ~ night, often finishing a bedtime story v something similar to tune in next time to discover out what coin did next.

How lengthy did you have actually the idea that Penny prior to putting she on paper and share her through the world?

I occurred the story the Penny roughly the time mine daughter was 7 year old. While I had actually been informing the story to my children for years, it was a couple of years prior to I wrote them under on paper.

What is the age of Penny and also her friends? What is the target period group the the book?

Penny and also her friends are in the 2nd grade. The publication is geared in the direction of younger children however the lessons space formatted in a means that all eras can gain the story.

What urged you to keep going once you want to quit?

The pass of mine mother. I heard she voice speak to me when planting a flower in she honor. She told me to write Penny’s story.

Was her daughter excited once she witnessed the released version of your book?

She was really happy and also felt special. She was proud the she urged a story that many girls might identify with.

In the book, Penny’s friends, Grace and Simone, asked prior to touching Penny’s hair. Was it your goal to encourage ideal boundaries because that girls?

Yes. I believe it is vital to help ALL girls recognize you need to be asked prior to being touched. The is likewise important come teach girl they have the right to say no to those that ask come touch your hair.

The post that is existing through the whole Penny collection is the it is OK to be different. Penny was created out the appreciation because that uniqueness.

How did friend come up v such an remarkable balance of message that are pro-self without gift anti-others?

The article that is current through the whole Penny collection is the it is OK to it is in different. Coin was produced out of appreciation for uniqueness. I think it is important to be that you are and also be i was sure in her skin.

Tell us around the last page of a book that has all the beautiful girl rockin’ their puff balls?

Every book has a puffball gallery. The gallery is developed through pictures of mine daughter and Facebook user submissions. I think it is vital to see pictures of genuine girls. The responses have actually been overwhelmingly positive.

Where can world who desire to show off your puffball power send submissions?

Submit v the on facebook page. 

Where have the right to we suppose to check out Penny next?

I am functioning on obtaining Penny in other mediums — favor Penny merchandise and also chapter books!

What tips perform you have for other aspiring writers?

What tool helped you many in the process of self-publication?

Guru.com and finding specialists on open marketplace.

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Final thoughts?

Just go for it! The most important component is acquiring started. There are so many resources to help you achieve your goals. And you deserve to do something you placed your mind to. Don"t be fear to re-publishing your impetus with various other people.