performs throughout the 2013 Northside Festival in ~ McCarren Park on June 15, 2013 in the Brooklyn borough of new York City.

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It’s been a while due to the fact that we heard from Phosphorescent, singer-songwriter Matthew Houck’s dreamy, exultant exploration of people pop by way of soft rock. His many recent studio album to be 2013’s Muchacho, followed by a 2015 live album and a sheathe of “This soil Is her Land” for last year’s anti-Trump compilation Our an initial 100 Days. But it’s been a busy couple of years for Houck, who toured broadly behind the well-received Muchacho, relocated from brand-new York City come Nashville, and also welcomed his first child. C’est la vie, as one could say, and that’s additionally the title of today’s freshly announced Phosphorescent album. C’est La Vie was recorded at Houck’s own Spirit sound Studio in Nashville and also arrives October 5 indigenous Dead Oceans.

As a an initial taste, Houck has released “New bear in new England,” a chirpy, optimistic tune made because that doing what the lyrics describe, which is no much: listening come music, thinking around ordering an additional beer. It’s about as pop as a tune with influential steel guitar can be, though if friend listen more very closely you’ll notification the extended interlude and also some lines that seem to describe the endure of becoming a first-time father.

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Phosphorescent will tour the U.K. And Europe this October, before returning stateside in November. Listen come “New bear in new England” and also see relax details because that C’est La Vie and upcoming tour dates below.


Phosphorescent, C’est La Vie monitor list1. “Black Moon / silver Waves”2. “C’est La Vie No. 2”3. “New birth in brand-new England”4. “There native Here”5. “Around the Horn”6. “Christmas down Under”7. “My Beautiful Boy”8. “These Rocks”9. “Black waves / silver Moon”