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"It is feasible to go no mistakes and also still lose. The is not a weakness; the is life."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played through Patrick Stewart) is a character in the Star Trek fictional universe, the captain of the USS Enterprise-D and the Enterprise-E. 

This Laidlaw leadership Quote of week was suggested by our Durham Scholar Joshua wilhelm Dexter: 

"I admire this leader since I thrived up the town hall Star Trek and also other comparable sci-fi programmes. Capt. Picard constantly stands out to me due to the fact that he to be able to approach the Universe and its numerous dangers v a mix of scientific, analysis intelligence and also genuine compassion.

I think the are afraid of failing is among the most fundamental. No one desires to expend time and also energy on a effective attempt the will just leave castle feeling choose they have wasted both. This are afraid often holds us all earlier from trying to obtain goals because we don"t desire to it seems to be ~ unworthy or unable. It"s essential to mental that, return failure stays a opportunity with all points in life, and in despite the of the fear, chasing success and also actualising goals must not be foregone."

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