In bespeak to enjoy your job, and to excel in selling, girlfriend should have actually a enthusiasm for the product you sell. Interviewing for a job with a apparel retailer, castle will practically for sure ask you at least one question around your relation to apparel and also footwear. It deserve to be “What’s your favorite apparel brand and also why?”, or “Tell united state what does your apparel mean come you”. The most typical question that all, however, is the one around your passion because that apparel and/or footwear.

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Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I contained on my perform answers for human being who apply for a sales associate role in a sleeve store marketing clothes, but additionally for future fashion designers, and product supervisors working v clothes. Girlfriend will additionally find a pair of unconventional answers on my list, simply for the situation that you wanted to tell the hiring managers something unexpected, and also stand the end in this way. Do not forget come read likewise my notes below the answer for added explanations.

7 sample answers to “Please explain your passion for apparel/footwear” interview question

I simply love just how clothes aid us express that we are, what we believe into, and sometimes additionally who us would prefer to become. The selection of alternatives amazes me, every the materials, models, cuts, colors, everything. I can easily spend hours wandering in a shopping mall, check pieces, trying castle on, and eventually picking one that shows my mood, or my mystery desire top top the given day. Clearly to occupational as a sales associate in a huge clothing save would be a dream come true for someone prefer me.My passion goes beyond spending money and also trying come look good. I find symmetry, in search of combinations that room in alignment v feng shui, merely for harmonizing combinations that soothe both the wearer and also the observer of apparel/footwear. And also I have to say I can imagine plenty of such combinations from the footwear and apparel displayed in her store. Ns would gain recommending together combinations to females coming here, making certain that they won’t resist and will come earlier again, because that yet another an excellent shopping experience.More 보다 anything else, they space my an innovative inspiration. Ns love to monitor different design lines, or just simply observe world in the streets, what they are wearing, and why, how it fits through both their personality and also their surroundings, the impression they shot to make on the remainder of us, consciously or subconsciously. Understanding these desire and little nuances, I try to come up with my very own designs, for different demographic teams and species of customers. Clothes mean a civilization to me, and also I cannot really imagine doing anything else 보다 designing clothing for living.I check out behind them revenues and expenses. Due to the fact that as a product manager, my primary goal is come make certain that the company renders money at the finish of each quarter–and ideally lots of them. I have passion because that clothes, but it isn’t a enthusiasm of a shopping addict who has to have one brand-new piece each solitary day to meet his cravings. The is a enthusiasm of a manager, who understands how large this market is, and how much money we deserve to make, if we execute the right purchases, have actually a suitable pricing policy in place, and also run efficient marketing projects at the appropriate time of every month.I would explain my enthusiasm as bordering with obsession. The very first thing I perform after waking up is check my Instagram feed, whereby I follow all major clothing brands and also close come twenty developers I admire. Ns read sector news each day, and you can say that ns basically live and also breathe footwear and also apparel, native the moment I wake up until the moment I loss asleep–if I perform not dream about clothes at night, which wake up sometimes. But I perform not view it as something negative. Each that us has some addictions. Who cannot survive without a packet that cigarettes a day, and someone won’t get out that bed without a cup the coffee. For me clothing are mine addiction, mine obsession, and it would be wonderful if I have the right to turn it right into something positive, earning money while marketing clothes.The only garments I have passion for are sustainable clothes and also shoes, made from plants no animals. The fashion sector is the second many water-intensive market in the world, utilizing over 90 exchange rate cubic meters of water annually. We cannot walk on choose this, if we desire to survive on the planet. That’s why I have actually passion just for high-quality sustainable clothes, piece you buy when a year and also can stay them all year long and also they won’t get worn out, such together shirts native sustainable merino wool, for example. It is time to readjust the consumer behavior. Human being have to shop responsibly. And it is my personal mission to help reverse the tendency we observe appropriate now, and also help your exceptional brand come get much more into the spotlight, so more consumers opt for expensive and durable sustainable clothing, instead of buying cheap shirts they wear once and also then throw right into the garbage.I have passion because that wearing expensive footwear and also apparel, displaying that on mine body i take great care of, working out daily, eat healthy, trying to stay in an amazing shape. Obviously I choose to undress together well, and also display some swimsuit or lingerie on mine body. That’s my genuine passion because that clothes, and also the reason why I try to get this modeling gig through you. I love your collection, there’s a many passion in her lingerie, and also I think it would look beautiful top top me, and the customers (and your boyfriends) will gain seeing it.

Adjust your answer to the task you try to gain with apparel/footwear retailer, producer, designer

Lingerie model, aspiring fashion designer, sales associate working in a clothing store, and also a product manager functioning for a shoe brand. Each of castle should have passion because that apparel and footwear, but each in their very own way. your goal is come convince the hiring managers that you have actually what the takes come excel in the job you try to obtain with them. That’s difficult to carry out without having actually passion because that the product–the right kind of.

You would certainly hardly make an impression saying the you enjoy spending hundreds of clothes, if friend were applying for a project of a fashion designer, or a product manager. It additionally would make tiny saying the you gain dressing up (or undressing), if you to be trying to acquire a task of a sales associate. Think around the job, and pick the right type of passion. Girlfriend will discover plenty of examples in the answer above.


Connect your passion through your job choice

Many garments retailers struggle v employee motivation. Castle have an excellent looking sales associate in the store, yet they room staring on your smartphones many of the day, barely pull close the customers. And also if they strategy them, there’s no desire to make something happen. Simply the typical boring question “Can I aid you?”.

On one hand, such a behavior isn’t totally unexpected. Most sales associates in clothes stores knife a minimum wage (or contempt better), so the employer have the right to hardly mean the level of an ideas of someone that earns six numbers annually in some managerial or engineering job.

On the various other hand, friend should try to convince them the you are different–at least while you room trying to get the job with castle in one interview. Explain how your passion urges you. Just how you enjoy recommending apparel, footwear, equipment to the customers. Call them exactly how you enjoy equivalent the fitting pieces together, and making certain that the customer pipeline the place with full bags that clothes, safety a lot, and also at the same time thanking you because that an impressive advice…

Unconventional prize can help you stand the end in a big way

You should always think about the level of compete in her interview. How numerous other civilization interview for the job? Is the two, or twenty? How popular is the place you try to get a project at, and how well execute they pay your employees?

Competing with few applicants only, you have the right to go through conventional interview answers, such together no. 1 or no. 2 on mine list. Just explaining your enthusiasm for apparel, and also how it will certainly make things easier for friend in the job.

When you complete with numerous other people, however, you need to be an ext creative.

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speak the same thing ten various other applicants will certainly say will execute you little good in this case. You have to try to stand out with your answers. No necessarily with all of them, yet at least with one or two. Inspect sample price no. 6 on my list together a great example. Talking about sustainability and the problems the fashion industry, you deserve to open one interesting discussion in an interview, and show them the you room a mature individual and see past the numbers and also colors.

Sure enough, going for an unconventional price is constantly a bit risky. Due to the fact that not every store manager gives a damn about sustainability. Still, as soon as you complete for a job with plenty of other candidates, you need to take some risks…

Ready to answer this one? ns hope so! check also 7 sample answers to other tricky interview questions: