Every Pokémon Rival, Ranked native Lamest to Coolest Every Pokémon video game has at least one competitor to do things complicated for the player, and while some are complete pushovers, rather are genuine challenges.

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Every main series Pokémon video game has at the very least one rival. Starting with the now well known Blue in Pokémon Red & Blue, the rival has actually been a mainstay in every succeeding entry come the venerable franchise, adhering to the player"s every relocate and an overwhelming them follow me the way.

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Although rivals began as antagonistic figures, they eventually evolved right into friendlier characters and even guides throughout the game. However, they deserve to still offer players part trouble, specifically if underestimated. Every competitor in the franchise is memorable in part way, however only a few are genuinely challenging, earning their reputation as some of the finest opponents in Nintendo history.

Shauna., Trevor, and also Tierno v the Kanto starters in the Pokémon anime
Pokémon X & Y presented a whopping four rivals, all equally awful. However, Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor acquire extra points for being so forgettable.

They hardly show up throughout the game, and the player seldomly gets to battle them. None are an especially challenging, and while Shauna is occasionally helpful, Tierno and also Trevor space unnecessary.

Trace makes a scared challenge in the Pokémon Let's walk games
trace is the sole rival in Pokémon Let"s go Pikachu & Let"s go Eevee. He is the equivalent of Blue yet has none of his panache or talent as a Trainer.

The game doesn"t reveal much around him and there are numerous things that fans don"t know around Trace. He"s harmless and also poses no challenge as a rival. In fact, that doesn"t also offer help or encouragement, do him largely a nuisance.

Split photo showing Bianca and also Cheren in the Pokémon anime
The Generation V gamings are two of the many daring entries in the franchise. However, castle dropped the round in the competitor department by providing fans the duo the Bianca and Cheren.

These two room the very an interpretation of vanilla. Lock are more enthusiastic 보다 talented and also lack any kind of actual skills as Trainers. Besides, there"s one more rival in the games that overshadows them in every way.

13 Serena/Calem - Pokémon X & Y

Split picture showing Serena and Calem in Pokémon X & Y
unequal the other three rivals in X & Y, Serena and Calem take Pokémon battling seriously. They likewise actively shot to loss the player and also give it their all during battle.

However, the games" insistence on make things less complicated for the player usually nerfs them. Still, Serena and Calem obtain some redemption by make the efforts to it is in worthy rivals, even if they can"t take it every the way.

Marnie is the very first rival to it is in an actual superstar in the region. She even has her own fan club, Team Yell. She"s a Dark-type specialist and has several of the most distinctive Pokémon in Sword & Shield.

However, the absurd lot of an effective Fairy-types in Galar place Marnie"s team in ~ a major disadvantage. Indeed, a player through a trained Galarian Rapidash can pretty much decimate her whole team with little to no effort.

11 Bede - Pokémon knife & Shield

Unlike various other rivals from recent generations, Bede is openly antagonistic towards the player, acting an ext like the rivals of yore. He is a Psychic turned Fairy-type specialist that adores pink and constantly has some snotty comment ready.

Bede"s the strongest team member is his mighty Hatterene, i beg your pardon can also Gigantamax. However, he"s much from a challenging opponent, also if that is a pleasant surprised in Sword & Shield.

out of all the rivals, Hugh is possibly the rudest. However, that"s what made the memorable, specifically after the vanilla duo that Bianca and Cheren. Because he only showed up in a pair of games, some fans could not instantly think that him once thinking of Pokémon rivals.

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Still, Hugh was a worthy foe throughout Black 2 & White 2, however his lack of a full team of 6 until after the Pokémon league is a vast detriment.

9 Gladion - Pokémon sunlight & Moon/Ultra sun & Ultra Moon

Pokémon sunlight & Moon had plenty of an excellent characters, however Gladion has actually a one-of-a-kind place. He no only has actually an to chat personality but an aura of mystery that keeps the player invested in him throughout the game.

Gladion also has the terrific Type: Null in his team, together with other heavy-hitters like Zoroark, Crobat, and also Lucario. Had actually he to be the single rival in the games, Gladion"s reputation would certainly be much better.

Brendan and May space the perfect mix that friend and also rival. Lock pose a genuine an obstacle during the game while still offering encouragement and friendship towards the player.

Their groups are additionally varied, having Pokémon that different types and comes up with some intriguing strategies. Football player don"t fight Brendan and May as frequently as various other rivals in the series, yet these 2 still are very regarded in the community.

7 Hau - Pokémon sunlight & Moon/Ultra sunlight & Ultra Moon

like Brendan and May, Hau is both a friend and a foe. The is too many enthusiastic, come the point of annoyance, but he method well. However, he additionally proves to it is in a worthy opponent, and some of his battles deserve to be quite challenging.

Indeed, Hau"s team contains some that the strongest Pokémon in Sun & Moon, and his championship battle in Ultra sunlight & Ultra Moon ranking as among the toughest in the main collection games.

silver- is may be the evilest rival. That is pretty vile towards his Pokémon, treating them as tools rather of living beings. That is also a little of a criminal, committing number of petty crimes throughout the game. He lives up to the "villain" function to the tee, ending up being an yes, really antagonistic figure.

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During his final battle in Mt. Moon, he has a an especially troublesome Sneasel and the ever-challenging Gengar and also Alakazam, cementing the as one of the best rivals.

5 Wally - Pokémon ORAS

At first sight, Wally can not seem prefer the most intimidating the rivals. That is shy, sickly, and lacks any experience with Pokémon. However, by the finish of the game, he"s nearly a various person, obtaining strength and also confidence due to the fact that of his bond through his Pokémon.

Wally has actually something few other rivals have: a ideal character arc, and that"s sufficient to make him one of the best. He additionally has a Mega Gallade throughout his battle, i m sorry is very impressive in and of itself.

forever in a hurry and desperate to it is in the best, Barry is memorable ~ above personality alone. He"s the sole rival in the Generation IV games and fills the duty with ease.

His team is a who"s that of Sinnoh superstars, including Staraptor, Floatzel, and Roserade, add to a Snorlax, Rapidash, or Heracross, and his final battle in prior of the League is among the most complicated rival battles in Pokémon. pan will gain to see him again when Pokémon brilliant Diamond & glowing Pearl lastly hits the stores in November 2021.

3 N - Pokémon black & White

few characters in the franchise space as iconic together N. He is the King of Team Plasma, an intriguing young man with the capability to connect with Pokémon. He is among the main reasons why Black & White remains the many daring entries in the franchise. N keeps the mystery alive, leading the player come understand and also empathize v him by the end.

He"s likewise no pushover in the battle department, and also his final fight team consists of the ever-impressive Archeops and Zoroark, add to a freakin" Legendary. What an ext can who ask indigenous a rival?

The one and also only Blue is an symbol in Pokémon. That is the an initial rival and also the prototype for all the ones that would certainly come later. He made things tough for the player by always being one step ahead of them.

Blue obtained to every Gym very first and winner the badges before the player. He even becomes among the absolute ideal Pokémon Champions, even if he holds the title for only a few minutes. His team is la creme de la creme as soon as speaking the Kantonian Pokémon, cementing his ar as a legend in the franchise.

1 Hop - Pokémon sword & Shield

for all your strengths, rivals are frequently one-dimensional characters. The people that get some development: Wally, Barry, N, and also Blue, continue to be somewhat restricted by the nature that their function in the story. However, against all odds, Hop i do not care a selfhood in the franchise, a fully-fledged character with his own story arc different from the player"s.

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Unlike other rivals, Hop is dynamic in his strategy, unafraid to move Pokémon and also try new approaches in battle. He never wins, and his heartbreak just inspires him to try harder. Through the end, that understands he must forge a course of his own rather of do the efforts to monitor Leon"s. Hop is the just rival with a detailed character arc -- Wally"s wake up off-screen, for example -- and that"s enough to do him the absolute ideal rival in the franchise.