Pokemon: 10 sunlight & Moon mim That space Too Hilarious because that Words prior to making the leap come the Galar region with Sword and also Shield, reap these hilarious memes celebrating Pokemon Sun and Moon and also the Alola Region.

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With Pokémon sword & Shield"s recent video clip game release and Ash Ketchum"s championship victory, Pokémon has been a warm topic in both the video game and anime worlds. Although everyone appears to be making the change from the Alola an ar to the Galar Region, we can take this opportunity to look back on all the fun moments the Sun & Moon gave us.

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In particular, there are many hilarious mim out there to storage our favorite Alolan Pokémon and also trainers. Right here are ten that the best Sun & Moon memes that will certainly spark joy while also bringing ago fun memories indigenous Alola.

In past generations that the Pokémon games, there has been a typical trend of first releasing two versions at a time (Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl, etc.) and also then publication a 3rd version (Emerald, Platinum, etc.) in ~ a later on date. When Sun & Moon were very first released, pan speculated that the 3rd version would certainly be dubbed "Stars" come fit the outer room theme.

However, the developer of Pokémon had actually other plans. Instead of the highly anticipated "Pokémon Stars," fans were provided Ultra sun & Ultra Moon. Despite two additional versions are far better than one, some feel that this to be a missed possibility for Pokémon Stars as it to be for the missing Pokémon Z.

if playing with the game and traveling across the Alola Region, you will encounter other trainers to battle and also trade with. Every as soon as in a while, a trainer might strike increase a conversation the truly resonates with you and also your beliefs.

This meme attributes a happy-go-lucky trainer that is "too young because that math." even if it is the character is too young to have learned math yet or simply using youth together an pardon to prevent math altogether, this is other a the majority of students can relate to. Mathematics may be vital to know in the people of adulting, however that doesn"t median we will ever before accept the reality!

v each brand-new generation the Pokémon, brand-new species that catchable monsters space introduced. Among the best brand-new features in Sun & Moon to be arguably the enhancement of regional variants of classic Pokémon from past generations. Many Alolan variants choose Raichu and Ninetales, because that example, have an extremely different appearances and brand-new typings from their Kantonian forms.

One Alolan different that had a an extremely minor yet hilarious design change is Dugtrio. The just real difference between its Kantonian and Alolan forms is the enhancement of long blonde hair. And if this Alolan Pokémon was no funny sufficient on the own, a fan-edited He-Man, a other blonde boy, onto one of Dugtrio"s 3 heads.

7 Rowlet"s safety Father

one of the adorable starter Pokémon native Sun & Moon to be Rowlet. Beside from resembling a tiny owl, its many prominent feature is that is leaf-like bowtie the represents that grass typing. However, this small guy felt oddly acquainted to hardcore Nintendo fans.

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Coincidentally, over there is an additional owl through a eco-friendly bowtie in the Nintendo world: Blathers native Animal Crossing, a preppy owl who runs the neighborhood museum. Because Blathers and Rowlet are both owls that share the same environment-friendly bowtie, they"d definitely be mistaken together father and child by anyone unfamiliar with their particular franchises.

anyone cheered as soon as Ash finally became champion of Alola after suffering numerous losses in previous periods of the anime. However it is crucial to know that the did not win without the sacrifice of miscellaneous else: arts quality.

For years, Pokémon fans have actually pointed out the development of the anime"s art as time went on. For example, the poster boy of the whole franchise, Pikachu, has noticeably become slimmer because the anime"s very first season. However, the most far-ranging change in art high quality came with Sun & Moon. Ash"s face, in particular, appears to have actually been streamlined with fewer details, but that"s the price you pay to come to be champion!

5 Litten Lift

in ~ the beginning of each Pokémon game, the trainer is motivated to pick a starter Pokémon together their an initial partner to companion them on their journey. In Sun & Moon, Litten is among three lover starters to choose from.

Many Pokémon, particularly starters, start out as cute and also tiny sufficient to lift up and also hug. But once they prosper stronger and evolve, lock often end up being larger and also fiercer. Litten is no exception as prove in this healthy meme by
undead-pizza on Tumblr. Although Litten might start out together a small kitten, it shortly evolves into a mighty Incineroar who is big and solid enough to choose up the trainer.

Cosmog may be the unevolved form of the two legendary Pokémon of Alola, Solgaleo and also Lunala, however that doesn"t prevent it from being a little troublemaker. In particular, Lillie"s Cosmog, Nebby, loves come misbehave once its trainer is no looking.

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Because Nebby is a rarely Pokémon that fled indigenous Aether Paradise through Lillie, Lillie often tends to it is in overprotective and also urges the tiny Pokémon to stay covert in she bag. Obviously that can"t be fun to continue to be in a bag all day, therefore Nebby has arisen a sneaky habit the escaping the bag there is no Lillie noticing.

3 Hero VS Villains

since Pokémon has constantly been a kid-friendly video game, the player take away on the function of a very youthful character who aspires to come to be the Pokémon Champion. And along the method to ending up being champion, the player constantly encounters corrupt adult who must be stopped at all costs.

In Sun & Moon, there space two teams of antagonists, Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, that are led by adults who have to be much more than capable of handling a solitary child. Regardless of the logic, the youths the Pokémon constantly come the end on top, proving that youngsters (and seals) should never be underestimate by adults.

indigenous a battling standpoint, the video game became much more interesting in Sun & Moon as soon as the legend Tapu Pokemon were presented with brand-new abilities that readjust the terrain in battle. The pink Tapu, Tapu Lele, has actually Psychic Surge as its ability which makes the battlefield "weird" when it beginning the battle.

This meme adds a basic comment that can be an extremely relatable to people who have ever felt the end of location in social settings. Prefer Tapu Lele, some civilization feel the their mere existence in a social instance can make points awkward or weird.

1 10-Year-Old with A 20-Year Career

Ash Ketchum make headlines in 2019 after ~ winning a Pokémon Championship. However the most fascinating component about this historical event was no the victory itself, however rather, the odd situations in i m sorry the young boy achieved this feat.

The never-ending meme the has complied with the Pokémon anime for the previous two decades is the reality that ten-year-old Ash has not aged at all since setting out on his journey, no issue how many years pass. Therefore, winning a Pokémon Championship is just one success in the 20-year career the no various other ten-year-old can to speak they"ve experienced.

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