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Produce 101 China (Chinese: 创造101; pinyin: Chuàngzào101) is a 2018 Chinese girl team reality show, i m sorry premiered top top Tencent video on April 21, 2018. It is the very first edition of the develop 101 China franchise, a spinoff native the South korean franchise show develop 101.


The collection is jointly produced by 7-D Vision and Tencent Penguin Pictures, under patent from Mnet"s owner CJ E&M. The display attracted much more than 4.3 billion see on Tencent Video.

Since the success of super Girl in China, there has actually yet to have actually been a national show that has actually sparked as solid interest from audience in the exact same manner. Subsequently, when the display launched the careers of numerous talented solo vocalists, there has been a absence of girl teams in the Chinese speaking world. The biggest girl team in the early 2000s to be S.H.E. And since then, there has arguably been a lack of popular cohesive girl groups that have been as successful. The show intends to produce a brand new "it" girl team that represents modern-day women and also appeals to every genders for the brand-new generation

Unlike the original oriental version, develop 101 China has a number of different rules and also challenges introduced start in episode 2. One such example is the inclusion of “knock-out” challengers who deserve to take the place of a 101 member in the initial “auditions” based upon mentors discretion that the challengers’ skills in comparison to the original trainees. In the very first elimination, particular members who had actually highest votes could also choose to save a member that was up because that elimination as a 2nd chance “intern.