This mellow track was written by QOTSA frontman josh Homme for his daughter Camille and sons Orrin and Wolf. The told The Sun: "I desire to do someone misty-eyed, climate I want to watch them happy. I want that spectrum.""That monitor is a large deal," the added. "One day once my youngsters are older, they"ll know it and will have it as soon as I"m gone. Music bring away on a life even when you"re not here."
A tipsy Dave Grohl turn up in ~ the studio just as Homme to be struggling with a vocal take for this song. The prestige of obtaining the vocal ideal on the highly an individual track experienced producer mark Ronson take it charge and also evict Homme"s pal. "I didn"t see it due to the fact that I was wrestling an alligator, yet in this instance Ronson is the brand-new guy and also he was really sweet and also was protecting me", the QOTSA singer said. "Maybe in his very own mind he believed he to be protecting Dave too."
This is an abnormally mellow song for QOTSA. Guitarist troy Van Leeuwen called Uncut: "It"s really fragile for united state to venture into the territory; they require to have the appropriate lyrics or it turns a little soppy. We"re not usually a ballad band, yet musically we deserve to do anything we want."
Street HassleLou Reed

Lou Reed"s 11-minute "Street Hassle" attributes a spoken part by Bruce Springsteen.

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sixth Avenue HeartacheThe Wallflowers

Mike Campbell native Tom small & the Heartbreakers played the slide etc on "Sixth path Heartache." there is a link here - Wallflowers command singer Jakob"s dad, Bob Dylan, played v Tom petty in The traveling Wilburys.

I just Wanna Love U (Give that 2 Me)Jay-Z

"I simply Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me) " borrows four bars from well known B.I.G"s "The human being Is Filled." Jay-Z and also Biggie Smalls attended Westinghouse Career and Technical education High school in Brooklyn, new York in ~ the same time.

Hangin" ToughNew youngsters on the Block

"Hangin" Tough" came at the peak of brand-new Kids on the Block mania. Your writer/producer Maurice Starr created it about the struggles the band confronted early on. It was #1 in England and America.

Anybody checked out My Baby?The rojo Stones

k.d. Lang is a attributed writer ~ above the rojo Stones track "Anybody watched My Baby?" since it sound so much like she hit "Constant Craving."

independent Women part IDestiny"s child

The Destiny"s boy "Independent Women part I" video was command by the same male who walk the Hunger games movies.

Mac Powell of third DaySongwriter Interviews

The 3rd Day frontman talks about some that the classic songs the wrote v the band, and also what adjusted for his solo country album.

TV theme SongsFact or Fiction

Was a Beatles tune a TV theme? and also who come up v those new Prince and Sopranos songs?

Timothy B. SchmitSongwriter Interviews

The longtime Eagle talks around soaring back to his solo career, and what that learned around songwriting in the group.

Susanna Hoffs - "Eternal Flame"They"re play My track

The Prince-penned "Manic Monday" to be the an initial song The Bangles heard comes from a auto radio, however "Eternal Flame" is closest come Susanna"s heart, perhaps due to the fact that she sang it in "various says of undress."

Randy HouserSongwriter Interviews

The "How nation Feels" singer speak Skynyrd and also songwriting.

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Tony financial institutions of GenesisSongwriter Interviews

Genesis" key-man re-examines his solo career and also the beforehand days that music video.