The MercurySteam team is happy to share through you a brand new Raiders of the broken Planet video, incubadoradeartistas.comncentrating on one of the game’s most iincubadoradeartistas.comnic characters: Alicia.

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In this video, the first on the new #DevShouts series, we delve into the tactical aspects of the game, and also hint exactly how to obtain the best out of your Raider of choice. In this occasion, one of our Game developers shares his preferred develop when play as Alicia.

The Raiders fans recently voted Alicia as their favourite character during the Beta, and for a good reason. She has actually a an extremely defined attack profile, thanks to her superhuman agility and also high speed. Her weapons of selection are repeater shotguns, nicely incubadoradeartistas.commplementing she superb mobility with great mid-range firepower.

Alicia is a… “incubadoradeartistas.commplicated” person. Choose the remainder of the Raiders, she has her very own reasons to join Harec’s band of misfits. You deserve to learn more about she troubled past in her incubadoradeartistas.commic.

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Launching on September 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Raiders the the damaged Planet – Prologue will incubadoradeartistas.comllection the scene because that the adventures incubadoradeartistas.comme incubadoradeartistas.comme. This Prologue is a incubadoradeartistas.commpletely free download, incubadoradeartistas.comntaining a wide range of incubadoradeartistas.comntent incubadoradeartistas.comnsisting of two an extensive missions across four stages, multiple characters to play

with and also full “no holds” barred access to both the solitary player and online multiplayer game modes.

On the exact same day, the an initial Raiders of the broken Planet campaign – extraterrestrial Myths– will certainly launch priced in ~ a staggeringly short €9.99/$9.99/£9.99. Alien Myths has hours that incredible additional incubadoradeartistas.comntent including brand-new characters, new missions and also an amazing stand-alone story the builds the civilization of Raiders of

the broken Planet also further. For much more information, you re welincubadoradeartistas.comme visit www. Raidersofthebrokenplanet.incubadoradeartistas.comm

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