Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS- (Re:ゼロから始まる異世界生活 -DEATH OR KISS- in Japan) is a intuitive novel video game developed by Japanese studio 5pb. Inc. It was released because that the playstations Vita and also PlayStation 4 on march 30, 2017. The developer also released a DLC pack for those who pre-ordered the game. The DLC replaced the character's initial costumes v swimsuits. Over there was also a minimal edition of the video game released i beg your pardon featured a soundtrack CD and also a collectable SD figure. The playstations 4 obtained a lamb SD figure, when the playstations Vita variation was shipped with a Rem SD figure.

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The minimal edition the the game came with a soundtrack CD and either a lamb (for the PS4 version) or Rem (for the PSVita version) SD figure.<92>


Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS- is an initial story based upon characters indigenous the Re:Zero light novel series. During an occasion known as the beauty beauty Queen Election, royal candidates space judged top top various characteristics such together elegance and also ornateness. The winner is slated to received a grand treasure that is claimed to bring good luck to those who possess it. When Subaru by chance kisses the prize, he is cursed to a life of misfortune and feasible death. To rest the curse Subaru need to share a heartfelt kiss. In bespeak to do this impossible task obtainable, he starts to interefere through the tournamnet it order to get favor v the candidates and avoid death.

The game will have eight various endings including Emilia, Ram, Rem, Beatrice, Felt, Priscilla, Anastasia, and also Crusch. The game likewise introduces two original personalities into the universe, Gordon and Noble.


Natsuki SubaruEmiliaPuckRemRamBeatriceCrusch KarstenFerrisAnastasia HoshinJulius JuukuliusPriscilla BarielleAlFeltRomReinhard valve AstreaRoswaal together MathersKadomon RischGordonNoble


Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS- was emerged by 5pb, which is quick for "The 5 powered & basics". The company was established on April 6, 2005 as not just a video clip game developer but additionally a document label for anime and video clip game music. Executive, management director Chiyomaru Shikura departed his former agency Scitron, i m sorry is a company that specialization in video clip game music.

5pb is split into 2 divisions; 5pb gamings for game advance and 5pb records for the circulation of music. Till 2009 5pb to be a wholly own subsidiary that the TYO Group, but on April 15, 2009 Shikura purchased the continuing to be rights. At that point the firm was own by Shikura and AGOne, a company that is one affiliate that Dwango Japan. Noteworthy staff members that 5pb are artist Yukihiro Matsuo and also producer Tatsuya Matuhara (Chaos;Head Love Chu*Chu) and scenario writer Naotaka Hayashi (Steins;Gate, Bravely Default).

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In April 2011, a collective of companies including Seed Project, Animelo Summer Life, 5pb (Records & gamings divisions). Arkray and also Dwango creative School mergerd under their parental group, Mages. Inc. Mages is headed by Chiyomaru Shikura. In July 2019, Mages to be officially got by Shikura's own principle studio Chiyomaru Studio, becoming totally independent from their parent companies Kadokawa Group and Dwango. The factor for this decision to be cited together wanting to be much more flexible and faster. They suppose that a healthy relationship with their former parent service providers will cause a fruitful future.


Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS- to be reviewed by prominent Japanese games media outlet Famitsu. That receieved a score that 8/8/7/7 (30/40) because that the playstation 4 version, and also 8/7/7/7 (30/40) for the game stations Vita version. Follow to user reviews the 2 versions are almost identical, v the playstation 4 variation having higher resolution art and a slightly nicer play experience.


The opening layout of Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS- is yell! magic starts with a kiss" (yell!~くちびるからはじまる魔法~, Yell!~ Kuchibiru kara Hajimaru Mahō ~), performed by Konomi Suzuki, a Japanese artist from Osaka. She additionally performed the first opening track for the Re:Zero anime.

The closing template of the game is "Dai Dai Daisuki" (ダイ・ダイ・ダイスキ), i beg your pardon is performed by Inori Minase and Rie Murakawa, who voice Rem and Ram respectively.