In the track of "Four tops" band, the soloist (Levi Stubbs) claims "reach the end for me". Now I sought the meaning of the idiom "reach out for" but I found "reach out to" in Cambridge dictionary. Is it the same meaning? because if it is, then i don"t recognize the definition in this context. Or perhaps it has a various meaning?

Some of text of this song:

Now if friend feel that you can"t walk on

Because every one of your expect is gone,

And her life is filled with lot confusion

Until pleasure is just an illusion,

And your world around is crumblin" down;

Darling, reach the end (come ~ above girl, with on out for me)

Reach the end (reach the end for me.)

I"ll it is in there, v a love that will shelter you.

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I"ll it is in there, through a love the will see you through.

I"ll be there to constantly see girlfriend through.

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To reach out is, together a physical action, to prolong some part of her body. That can also be supplied metaphorically, such together "reaching out" through sending an e-mail or a letter come make call with someone.

Both to me and also for me are adverbials, using a preposition and also the first-person singular personal pronoun. The distinction is merely the preposition.

To, together a preposition in one adverbial, can indicate the target that the action, or the thing impacted by the action. That can additionally mean an target or ar - "walk come school" means to walk v the objective of reaching school.

For, in such a usage, can mean the human (or whatever) the you"re doing it at the request of, or because that the benefit of. "Reach the end for me" have the right to mean "reach out due to the fact that I"m asking you to" or "reach out for mine benefit".

However, over there is a certain idiomatic an interpretation to "reach the end for". If you reach out to something, it can mean just reaching come touch it. If you reach the end for something, that carries the connotation - depending on context - the you intend to grasp the something, take hold of the in some way.

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Thus, this lyric could mean the the singer is urging the human to "reach out", and saying they must do it due to the fact that the singer is questioning them to. However, that is an ext likely the it method they desire them come reach the end and, in some sense, take organize of them.