The Pretty tiny Liars actress dram the leading duty in the show, which is set one year after the occasions in the 1991 film The quiet of the Lambs.

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Rebecca Breeds and her actor husband Luke MitchellCredit: Getty images - Getty

Who is Rebecca Breeds?

Rebecca Breeds, 33, is an Australian actress.

Born in Sydney, she studied a twin degree in music and also performing art at University of new South Wales.

She began her acting career in television commercials prior to landing her an initial lead function in the Australian film Newcastle in 2008.

She is ideal known because that her roles in Blue Water High, Home and Away, and Pretty tiny Liars.

In 2020, Rebecca was cast in the iconic role of Clarice Starling in the CBS crime drama Clarice.

Clarice Starling is the fictional character of the novels The silence of the Lambs and Hannibal by Thomas Harris.

The new series adheres to FBI agent Clarice in 1993 together she goes earlier to work-related investigating murders after time away complying with her encounter through killer Hannibal Lecter.

Who is she husband Luke Mitchell?

Rebecca started dating Luke - her Home and Away co-star - in 2009.

The pair announced your engagement in May, 2012 and they bound the node in January, 2013.

Luke, 35, appeared in the 3rd season of H2O: Just add Water, before starring in Home and Away together Rebecca. 

Born ~ above the gold Coast, the trained at the Film and also Television Studio International and started his career traveling roughly Australia act live theater shows.

He was cast as kris Knight in Neighbours and showed up in 11 episodes.

Luke relocated to Sydney in 2009 after he was actors as Romeo blacksmith in Home and Away, whereby he met Rebecca.


Rebecca and Luke met in 2009 and tied the node in 2013Credit: Getty Images

What TV shows and also movies has actually she starred in?

Rebecca starred in her an initial TV show in 2000 in an episode of Water Rats.

She has been actors in a host of TV collection and films due to the fact that then.

Here room the TV mirrors she has actually starred in:

Water Rats (2009)Blue Water High (2006-2008)Home and Away (2008-2012)We Are guys (2013)Pretty tiny Liars (2015-2017)The Originals (2015-2016)Molly (2016)Miranda's civil liberties (2016)The Brave (2017)The password (2019)Clarice (2021)

Here are the movie she has actually starred in:

Newcastle (2008)Scent (2011)Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)Three Summers (2017)Slam (2018)

When is Clarice ~ above TV and how deserve to I clock it?

The series premiered top top February 11, 2021, on CBS.

More illustration are reserved on CBS in ~ 10pm ~ above February 18 and also February 25, follow to IMDb.

To clock the new drama, you will do it need accessibility to CBS.


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You have the right to watch through CBS All access - the network’s streaming service.

Or you deserve to watch CBS live v platforms like fuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, or Sling.

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The series hasn't secured a broadcaster in the UK yet.


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