So I've been playing for a if now. I newly bought the Tenhousen (or however it's spelled) but just feeling I'm sort of stuck. The second system is still also dangerous together my weapons and defenses are mk2.

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So yeah, what execute you males feel is the fastest means to do money?


My fast money technique. Space piracy.

clear the cargo hold. Then attain up come 5 the the greatest value item you have the right to find, ns like face of gozu however you deserve to start with diamonds. If you don't have actually the funds for 5 diamonds then get one come start and aquire more as friend can.

fly about until you uncover a distress beacon. Save the trader and trade v them. They will buy up to 5 of your expensive item at a an excellent price.

Tell trader to drop his shit or die. Kill if needed.

Take loot. Profit.

If friend come throughout any miners in problem whilst law this I'd help them out to save the citizenry points balanced out.

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I 2nd this. If you're even an ext daring, you have the right to head into a Mk5/Mk6-level system and also hit the debris clouds and minefields for special containers. If castle don't contain luxury gear, then they'll more than likely contain something favor antimatter specks, i m sorry you deserve to stock up and also use as the businessman bait.

Profiteering = Profit

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Trade to make money and upgrade your tools to MK2. Profession some much more and purchase the Radovich. Follow me the method get the maximum dimension cargo extender native the vendors guild. Save trading until you have actually a million or two.

Switch ships come the barracuda, a much much faster and an ext manoeuvrable vessel.

Warp come the second sector and upgrade your equipment to MK3 or greater if girlfriend can. Emphasis on hull, shields, deflector and null-grav boosters. Weapons must be left till last as you won't be needing lock much.

Warp come a system with a risk rating that 'extreme' - one the is a few jumps away from the beginning system. You'll understand you're in the right system since there'll be MK5 and also MK6 tools for sale. If you encounter enemies, an increase away native them and also as shortly as you can, resume warping to your destination.

Head because that the merchant's guild and look for dead drop objectives or those that task you v delivering cargo to an additional station. Plenty of of these goals pay anything indigenous 100k come 1 million.

For dead fall missions, warp as close together you deserve to to the dead autumn cargo, tractor it up and also get out as rapid as possible. Your barracuda will certainly be quick sufficient to escape. Take it ago to the guild to acquire paid, preventing enemies follow me the way.

For distribution missions, you'll be attacked a couple of times together you journey in the direction of the destination. As before, it's not too tough to evade enemies with your boosters. When you with the target station, you'll be attacked and also will need to an increase your way through enemy fire, docking as quickly as girlfriend can.

Don't be discouraged if you dice a couple of time - keep trying because with the money you make you can conveniently upgrade your defences come MK5 which makes it lot easier. Just upgrade her weapons when you have defences and also engines at MK5,

When every little thing is MK5 you will hardly ever before die. You deserve to make millions every hour by acquisition high risk goals from the merchant's guild and also simply evading enemies along the way.

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I'm right now well top top my method to getting every little thing to level 6, at which allude I'll take into consideration saving up to buy one of the huge ships. Whatever happens - I'll constantly have a soft spot because that the barracuda.