indigenous Strawberry to Blackwater and Lemonyne"s tiny, picturesque church, here are part must-visit locations in Rockstar"s Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 break-up image Church Lemoyne Ambarino Cliff face Strawberry
Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the many realistic and also awe-inspiring open-world titles ever made. Its large map boasts blizzard-ravaged mountaintops, desert plains, murky swamps, sprawling plantations and industrial towns, to name but a few. What’s even more impressive than its ecological diversity, however, is the huge array the people, animals, monuments and geographical points of attention that populate this living, breathing world.

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Rockstar’s open worlds are well-known for their collectables and also secrets, and also Red Dead Redemption 2 holds in ~ it an ext mysterious and also intriguing easter eggs and unique areas than arguably any type of other game they’ve ever before produced. This, combined with the beautiful scenery, provides it so much fun come explore.

Tiny Church In Red Dead Redemption 2
Located simply north that Saint Denis, this teeny chapel sits unspoiled amongst the trees. Tho in reasonably great condition, its diminutive bell and minuscule home windows make it an aesthetically pleasing home of worship.

Unfortunately, Arthur Morgan is a little bit too large to squeeze with the prior door, so football player will have to crouch down to walk inside and also check out what this mysterious tiny building holds. Talk your equine through the woods and coming throughout a small church is a rather bizarre experience, and also has made plenty of players carry out a twin take when assessing its dimension as castle ride on by.

The City of Saint Denis In Red Dead Redemption 2
together the an initial game in the collection boasted a map that was completely rural, the sight of a bustling metropolis ~ above the west next of Red Dead Redemption 2's people is a vision to behold (as room its plenty of other interesting towns of various shapes and also sizes).

Saint Denis is a hub that activity, with its factories, streetcars and also relative overpopulation. Next from gift visually striking and also grand in scope, it additionally provides few of the game's finest missions, and a litany of next missions and other activities.

The deals with In The trees In Red Dead Redemption 2
an additional sight that would certainly make a player perform a twin take if riding with the woods. Located on the other side the the map, west that the Owanjila river, five deals with are carved into the trunks of five trees in the woods in the area.

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varying from benign elderly guy to terrifying-looking mythical beast, the deals with are slightly unsettling come behold (especially if players check out them at night through lamplight). What’s even more creepy is the the identities that the faces and the artist remain unknown. Crucial stop because that fans that all points creepy.

Hidden Tunnel Red Dead Redemption 2
also in the state that West Elizabeth, the enntrance gate to this tunnel is literally situated off the trail, making it somewhat of a problem to find. Something rather that makes this tunnel a hassle are the various paths you can take as soon as you make it inside.

A dark and also desolate an enig to traverse, going down the wrong course will bring about Arthur’s untimely demise. Take the appropriate one, though, and also you will explore the deepest depth of the cave, whereby you might just satisfy a new friend. A mysterious and easily overlooked avoid that's worth any player's while.

The an initial true town players visit in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the summary of the way of life the game seems come present. In ~ a couple of minutes of visiting the town and walking that is muddy streets, gamers will probably acquire into a massive brawl in a saloon after numerous drinks.

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Valentine is additionally the linchpin the pushes the story forward in the early stages the the game. Regardless of even if it is you’re walking on a mission or simply squelching down the roadway passing through, it's certain to bring ago some wonderful, maybe blurry memories.

while it was a complete no-go ar in the very first game, Blackwater is a completely different beast in this title. Containing several of the game's much more laid ago missions and sweeter moments, it i do not care the cornerstone of Red Dead Redemption 2’s attractive epilogue.

native casual strolls through its streets to meeting old acquaintances to agree bounties, it keeps the player interested in the last stages the the game. Together a bonus, the nostalgia ~ above offer below for those that played the original game is off the charts!

The cliffs of Ambarino are additionally a sight to behold. Much much easier to spot 보다 the giant’s remains, though, this face lies quite conspicuously in ~ the cliff’s peak, surrounding by scaffolding.

An evident homage to mountain Rushmore, players deserve to make their method up come the framework to watch it increase close. Upon reaching it, the body of the sculptor can likewise be found, v a keep in mind confirming the this masterpiece depicts the challenge of his shed love. The sad discovery aside, this is still among the game's many epic landmarks.

perhaps the many aesthetically pleasing town in the whole game, Strawberry sits atop a hill surrounding by pretty homes, waterfalls and also tall trees. Reasonably hidden away contrasted to other towns in the game, that feels prefer a real uncover when you an initial enter.

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The area also boasts few of the game's rarer animals and also fish (there room some really tough searching targets amongst the game's non-Legendary creatures). On peak of that, the jailbreak mission, the very very first one football player are given in the town, is among Red Dead Redemption 2’s best.

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in addition to the many natural marvels in the game lie some superordinary or mysterious anomalies. Among them is situated high up in the mountains of Grizzlies East. After ~ squeezing v a tiny crack in a mountain, Arthur finds his way into a cavern filled v eerie-looking statues through buttons top top them.

fix this little puzzle and also a an useful reward will become available. This is fantastic example of the game mixing up its Wild West action with genuinely creepy, practically horror-inspired moments.

from creepy come cute, yet still in the mountain range of Grizzlies East, there lies a little hill home. Extended in moss and also grass, that is literally embedded in the ground, through the door sit in the mouth of a tiny hill.

heavily inspired architecturally through The mr of the Rings, it’s just one more example of just how Red Dead Redemption 2 likes to litter curve balls in ~ the player together they discover its world. Its distinctive look makes it stand out from the rest of the landscape in a significant way. There might not technically be much of keep in mind to uncover here, yet this Hobbiton easter egg is crucial stop for any kind of fan that J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic franchise.