exactly how to get The Legend the the east Outfit in Red Dead Redemption 2 There are plenty the rad outfits in Red Dead Redemption 2, but none are better than the Legend of the eastern outfit. This overview will cover just how to obtain it.

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Red Dead Redemption Legend that the East
how does a dying outlaw achieve redemption in the west once urbanization is encroaching and also corporate interests are blowing away anything the same, similar thing morals? by dressing up fancy, that"s how! Throughout Red Dead Redemption 2, players deserve to dress up Arthur Morgan in a number of different outfits. Heading into Saint Denis to have a cocktail? placed on a pinstriped suit. Off to the frozen mountains up north? Don"t forget to pack a heavy coat. Or maybe Arthur is doing some moose-hunting, in i m sorry case, what is a more ideal pair the footwear than part moose-hide moccasins?

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There are lots of options, even if it is players are buying clothes from shops, or crafting castle by delivering hides come the trapper. Layout goes a lengthy way, but some outfits offer stat rises as well, and also one outfit does the all. The is the Legend that the eastern outfit. It"s a great looking collection but isn"t so basic to come by. This guide will cover how to get the Legend the the East outfit.

How to acquire the Legend the the eastern Outfit in Red Dead Redemption 2

marston legend the the east rdr2
The Legend the the eastern outfit not only has a fashion forward color mix of red and gray, but it likewise provides security for every sort of weather, and also gives numerous stat rises as well. To unlock it, football player will have to finish all nine sets of approximately challenges, each of i beg your pardon contains 10 individual challenges.

Bandit Challenges

organize up five townsfolks.Rob two coaches or return two stolen coaches come the fence (any wagon will certainly do).Rob 4 shop registers in a solitary day.Rob 3 coaches or return 3 steal coaches come the fence in a day.Get a $250 bounty in one state.Steal five horses and sell them come the horse fence.Steal $50 the cash or valuables indigenous townsfolk or travelers.Steal seven wagons and also sell them come the wagon fence at Emerald Ranch.Hogtie and also abandon someone on rail tracks three times.Complete 5 train robberies without dying or gift caught.

See here for more tips on exactly how to complete the Bandit Challenges.

Explorer Challenges

The first an obstacle for this ambient challenge set is to uncover a sweetheart map. The following nine challenges are merely to find treasure ripe times.

Gambler Challenges

Win 5 hands of poker.Win 5 hands in blackjack after copy down.Win three games of five Finger Fillet.Take out a gambling den in Flatneck Station, Saint Denis, and also Valentine.Win three rounds of dominoes without drawing tiles versus two or fewer opponents.Beat the blackjack dealer in two different locations.Beat the 5 finger fillet player in Strawberry, Valentine, and also Van Horn.Win in ~ blackjack 3 times after taking three or much more hits.Win three gamings of dominoes in a row.Win three hands of poker in a row.

Herbalist Challenges

Pick 6 yarrow.Pick and also eat four varieties of berry.Craft seven items using sage.Pick 5 mushrooms and also feed them come the player"s horse.Craft ripe items making use of Indian tobacco.Pick 15 different types of herb.Craft and also use 5 special wonder tonics.Use oleander to craft 6 poison weapons.Pick among each types of herb.Season and cook all 11 varieties of meat.

Horseman Challenges

Kill five rabbits indigenous horseback.Jump over three obstacles in 15 seconds.Ride native Valentine to Rhodes in much less than five minutes.Drag a victim 3300 feet v a lasso when mounted.Trample five pets while one horseback.Ride native Strawberry come Saint Denis in less than nine minutes without touching water.Kill seven enemies from horseback.Kill nine predators from horseback.Ride from valve Horn to Blackwater in less than 17 minute without poignant water.Break every wild equine breed.

Master Hunter Challenges

Skin 3 deer.Collect three perfect rabbit pelts.Track 10 different animal species with binoculars.Call one animal and get a clean kill five times.Skin 3 black or grizzly bears.Kill 5 cougars v a bow, climate skin them.Use bait to lure and also kill both a herbivore and also a predator.Catch three fish without using a fishing rod.Catch an opossum play possum.

Sharpshooter Challenges

Kill 3 flying birds.Kill 2 different types of pet in the same Dead Eye instance.Kill 5 flying bird while ~ above a relocating train.Kill someone through a tomahawk from at the very least 80 feet away.Kill six animals without switching or reloading weapon.Kill who at the very least 660 feet away with a long scoped rifle.Get 7 head shots in a row.Disarm three adversaries without reloading or switching your weapon.Shoot three people"s hats off in the same circumstances of Dead Eye.Kill three flying birds with 3 consecutive long scoped rifle shots.

Survivalist Challenges

capture three Bluegill fish.Give five animals into the camp or trapper.Kill five animals with a varmint rifle.Craft dynamite, fire, improved, poison, and little game arrows.Catch a fish in the Bayou native both a riverboat and while stand on train tracks.Kill a scavenging animal while that is feeding a corpse five different times.Kill eight small game animals with consecutive tiny game arrowhead shots.Craft a homing tomahawk, enhanced tomahawk, volatile dynamite, and also volatile fire bottle.Catch a fish the weighs at the very least 19 pounds.Catch among each kind of fish throughout the civilization

For much more tips on perfect the Survivalist Challenges, examine here.

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Weapons skilled Challenges

death three opponents with a knife.Kill three opponents in 10 seconds using only throwing knives.Kill three birds of prey using just a tomahawk.Kill 10 adversaries with make ammo in a shotgun.Kill five an installed enemies, utilizing one throwing knife per kill.Kill 4 consecutive opponents by throwing and also retrieving the same tomahawk.Kill 15 enemies using a long-barrel shotgun.Kill nine unaware adversaries from behind utilizing a bow.Kill a grizzly be afflicted with with just throwing velvet without taking a damage.

Perks after unlocking the Legend that the eastern Outfit

Weapon problem +10%Money plunder +10%Melee damage taken -10%Damage while on horseback -10%Eagle Eye term +5 secondsAll cores drain 10% slower and gain 10% much more experience.

That"s a lot of an excellent perks! Unfortunately, players will have actually a tough time getting this outfit while play as Arthur; some of the obstacles require going to brand-new Austin, i beg your pardon is mostly gated until the player controls john Marston. The said, it"s a good outfit, and it"s around time who brought back the old red-and-grey color mix from the NES days.