The Indian burial site in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a mystery, and also when players perform a certain action there, miscellaneous spooky will take place to them.

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the is no an enig that Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled through secrets and mysteries that adds one more layer of structure to an currently amazing game. Of course, the fun part about every one of these mysteries is that some of them remain unsolved today such as the mysterious disappearance of a crowd in the Saint-Denis theater.

Now, another mystery has captured the interest of Red Dead Redemption 2 players that take ar on what shows up to it is in an Indian interment ground. The is precious noting though the this mystery is not particularly new; however, in spite of Red Dead Redemption 2"s two-year existence, this an enig still stays unsolved and also will more than likely remain that means for the remainder of time.

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exactly how To trigger The Indian burial Site Mystery

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The totality Indian funeral site mystery begins with players encountering Blind guy Cassidy in Red Dead Redemption 2. If the player decides to donate $1 to Blind man Cassidy, he will continue to phone call the player your fortune. Now, upon getting to the epilogue, football player should be able to encounter Blind male Cassidy again, and upon making an additional $1 donation, he will certainly say something the is much more interesting than before. His specific words are, "I see sand and also ocean and also palm trees. Uncover the black color flower and also you will certainly be rewarded."

in ~ first, numerous players at first thought that Blind male Cassidy is introduce to a certain location in Guarma, i beg your pardon is a tropical island the is only obtainable during the chapter 5 section of the Story Mode. However, various other players uncovered a cabin somewhere in a Scratching write-up near mountain Luis River, i beg your pardon is southwest of Tumbleweed. Upon getting to that cabin, football player will uncover what Blind guy Cassidy has been talking about. Inside the cabin, football player will uncover a potted black flower, and behind it is a portrait the the beach, which has actually the "sand, and ocean and also palm trees" that Blind man Cassidy discussed in his fortune.

Upon browsing the area a bit more, football player will find a drawer containing a platinum bracelet, and an ancient Necklace. If the player closely examines the necklace, its description reads, "An ancient Necklace native a time lengthy ago." at the moment, it shows up that players cannot interact or execute anything with the necklace, so its relevance in this entire an enig remains unclear. Upon exploring the area exterior the cabin, players will uncover some exciting Indian statues there which appears to suggest that the area was when a website for some native American rituals. Players that pay close attention to the game would recognize these indigenous American statues in an additional area of the game, and also this is whereby the secret begins.

What specifically Is The Indian funeral Ground Mystery?

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The other aboriginal American interment Site deserve to be discovered just come the west that Strawberry, football player would understand if they are in the best direction when they see a price of a weapon on your map, which is in reality the center of this indigenous American funeral Site. As formerly mentioned, the statues the players found in the Scratching post near san Luis flow are likewise found here. In his notebook, man Marston will indicate that his finest guess is that the area is an Indian interment ground or some various other ceremonial place.

Now, if players decision to shoot any of the statues in this location, it would certainly earn them negative honor, which suggests that this specific area should be treated with respect. At first, it shows up that there is nothing else to perform in this area, however some players thrived curious around the center of the funeral site, which contains a weapon, i beg your pardon is, of course, the stone Hatchet, surrounding by stones in a one fashion. If the player decides to throw a Molotov cocktail in the direction of the stone Hatchet, it will certainly of course irradiate up, yet rain would instantly pour to extinguish the fire, and also once the fire is out, the rain would stop in an instant.

at first, some players assumed that this may simply be a coincidence given that Red Dead Redemption 2"s vast open-world environment features a weather system. However, top top throwing one more Molotov cocktail right into the pit comprise the stone Hatchet, football player will notice that the weather would instantly change again, and it will certainly rain once much more just to extinguish the fire. If players watch the skies, castle would watch that the rain clouds that developed would instantly vanish as shortly as the fire has been placed out.

at the moment, no one knows exactly why this weird phenomenon keeps keep going whenever the Stone Hatchet is lit right into flames. However, the most logical explanation is that supernatural pressures roam the Indian interment Site that is also proactively protecting the Stone Hatchet that is put there. The course, this particular secret is definitely worth checking out and also is when again a testimony to just how much small details Rockstar games put into Red Dead Redemption 2 in bespeak to do a living and also breathing world.