Reese’s Pieces are the all-too-neglected offspring the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It’s no that anybody dislikes Reese’s Pieces, however it appears that human being only made decision them over the more-mature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups once they’re piling candy on height of your Fro Yo, or as soon as they’re purchase poppable snacks in ~ a movie theater.

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While they’re frequently overshadowed by the adult version, lock have become the star the the new Reese’s Stuffed v Pieces Candy.

Ladies and also Gentlemen, we now have actually Reese’s stuffed with itself.


Clearly I’m all-in.

Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces Candy collection the web on fire earlier this year. Images of the product an initial went viral in a Facebook article dated April 28th. This caused Reese’s to launch a society media project using the hashtag #Cupfusion, suggesting the rumors and also leaked photos were true. My excited level was already throbbing one day prior to that April 28th post when 
candyhunting sent me an image that she discovered of Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces Candy. Her words say it all:


Holy shit indeed! Reese’s Stuffed v Pieces stand no chance of gift terrible and also a decent chance at gift perfect. The only means to evaluation this properly is a brand-new segment I choose to call: The Reese’s Threesome.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (Original)Like, what deserve to I also put here? Reese’s peanut butter cups will always be a top choice amongst Halloween trick-or-treaters and among everyone ever before in the check-out aisle. They’re one of the ideal chocolate candy “bars” of all-time and THE finest peanut butter/chocolate combination in existence. They feature a creamy milk chocolate surrounding a highly-sweetened peanut butter filling that still maintain plenty that saltiness and also a proud, roasted peanut flavor. The only reason I’m hopeful they’re not a Perfect 10 is due to the fact that it has already been scientifically proven the the Reese’s Egg is better than the Peanut Butter Cup, which argues that the ratios can be improved. Perhaps stuffing castle with an ext candy can likewise improve them.

Reese’s Pieces: Fun, yet not as complex. Reese’s Pieces space peanut butter liquid in crunchy shells similar to M&M’s. Ns admire the hell the end of the crunch. However, the peanut butter flavor isn’t as wealthy nor together authentic. They absolutely taste awesome, however in a fake sort of way. Victims to the waxy shell. Castle were never designed to it is in substitutes; there’s no coco or cocoa in the ingredients. However sugar is the very first ingredient, therefore at least there’s that.

Reese’s Stuffed through Pieces Candy: Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces candy share around 95% the the flavor through the initial Reese’s, so of food they are amazing and also I love them. But sadly, this isn’t a perfect marriage. The Reese’s Pieces carry out next-to-nothing in the means of flavor. If the Reese’s Pieces execute anything in ~ all, the liquid shells and also all your sugar mutes the salt current in peanut butter filling ever-so-slightly. One might argue this move the filling’s flavor profile nominally away from “roasted peanuts” to just “candy.”


The key Event.

The Reese’s Pieces add a texture the is welcomed in my opinion. I choose crunchy peanut butter exactly for this reason, for this reason a crispy candy covering satisfies mine desire because that crunch. Yet even then, the Reese’s Pieces are carved up into tiny tiny bits and don’t amount come anything an ext than part grit in every bite. Because the piece can’t yes, really be larger, there merely needs to be more.

Reese’s Stuffed v Pieces Candy are disappointing only because they hit their floor rather of your ceiling. Fortunately for everyone, the floor to be still really damn high. I would buy Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces end the original solely due to the fact that I choose the texture and also because they’re just a ridiculously fun concept. However, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg is still the finest Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and also the finest spin-off product is quiet the Nutrageous.

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In summary, gimmicky product is tho delicious.

Rating ~ above the Reese’s Scale: 7 out of 10Rating top top the Junk Food Scale: much better out the 10Overall Rating: 8.5 the end of 10

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