The Ren team is enjoyment to officially announce the plans are afoot because that a 2nd season of the show. Here’s Kate come tell you more about it and how you can help, or read on for additional info.

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Starring Sophie Skelton – best known this days together Brianna Randall in Outlander – the an initial season of our independent collection has connected with audiences and also festival juries alike. The premiere episode has had actually over two million see to date, if the season together a entirety has received over 40 compensation nominations native festivals around the world, and a dozen actual award wins.


Duran Fulton Brown as Hunter in season one (photo: Alex Beckett)

Gongs collected include the grand Jury Award at Melbourne worldwide WebFest in Australia, and also Best collection awards in ~ GenCon and also FilmQuest in the US and also at Bilbao WebFest in Spain. Skelton’s power was honoured in ~ Hyperdrive Sci-Fi & Fantasy Festival in the UK, while director and also co-creator Kate Madison took residence a ideal Director compensation from southern Korea’s Seoul WebFest.

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Ren: The Girl with the Mark’s first season told the story the an ordinary young mrs who became a pariah as soon as she was significant by an ancient spirit, imbuing her through strange and also unpredictable powers. The season finale observed Ren fleeing she home village under a hail the flaming arrows, in the agency of the secret rogue Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown).

Many story threads were left unanswered. Is the spirit an excellent or evil? Why to be Hunter trying to steal it? What does Ren’s mentor Karn (Christopher Dane) know around all this? and also who is the sinister masked male who tried to extract the soul at the allude of a dagger?

So fans will be delighted to hear the a 2nd season is in the works. “I’ve simply finished drafting the critical episode,” Kate reveals. “I won’t offer you any spoilers, but you can expect a much bigger scope and also scale to this season, together Ren and also Hunter journey across Alathia to shot to find the answers to some of Ren’s numerous questions.”


The secret Kah’Nath master (photo: Michael Hudson)

The first season to be crewed by an military of volunteer – some from as much afield as Germany, the Netherlands and even the us – that descended on the little English town of Caxton, Cambridgeshire to assist build the set, make the costumes and appear together extras. Kate notes that “it was your talent and enthusiasm that enabled us to make an independent collection of together a high quality that plenty of viewers thought they to be watching something indigenous a significant TV studio.”


Kate with one of the show’s countless awards (photo: Rossi Photography)

The ar ethos is other she is keen to continue. Prior to launching a crowdfunding campaign, Kate and also the team have challenged themselves to gain 5,000 pan signed up to their new mailing list. “Social media is great,” claims Kate, “but with the wide range of details out there things can be missed, and nothing beats acquiring something straight into your inbox.”

Kate stresses the she cannot right now say which actors members will or won’t be returning, but that they all have first refusal to resume their roles, and she would love to watch them all back.

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