"Give her The Dick" (also shortened together "Give she the D") is one expression provided on image boards and also discussion court in reference to an well known comment left on the adult media website Pornhub. In honoring the initial commenter"s an option of avatar, the feeling quote is regularly accompanied through a portrait the the French theorist René Descartes.

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The phrase gained much of its digital notoriety together an oddly grammar comment post on the adult media website Pornhub<7> by user ross53545 at some time in 2009 (shown below, left). Featuring netherlands artist Frans Hals" 1684 painting of French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes as the avatar (shown below, right), user ross53545 wrote "give her the dick."



The earliest known iteration of the phrase deserve to be attributed to comedian Bernie Mac in his 1993 wake up performance native Def Comedy Jam: all Stars Vol 2, in which he claims "give her the dick" to explain the act of initiating sex-related intercourse v a woman the is speaking on the phone (shown below).


On in march 3rd, 2012, a thread titled “Porn Comments” to be submitted to the /v/ (video games) plank on 4chan,<3> in which several users responded with variations the the expression “give she the dick” attach by Frans Hals" painting of Descartes. Top top the exact same day, YouTuber Saucy Postal uploaded a video featuring a screenshot that the /v/ thread, set to a mashup of the 1987 Nintendo video clip game Contra design template song and also an audio clip that Bernie Mac repetitively saying the phrase “give she the dick” (shown below). In much less than one year, the video received end 98,000 views and also 290 comments.

On April 3rd, a Facebook<2> page titled “Give she The Dick” to be created, featuring the portrait of René Descartes together the profile image. On July 16th, Redditor Man_Oh_Low it is registered a troll quote image post to the /r/QuotesPorn<1>subreddit, featuring Descartes" portrait captioned through the phrase (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post received over 130 increase votes and 10 comments.

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On January 10th, 2013, a Twitter feed was created for
ross53545 v the same paint of Descartes together the avatar, mostly showcasing sport of the phrase “give she the dick.”

ross53545) January 11, 2013

The original Ross53545 account was deleted in between late 2012 and also early 2013 and also has since then been replaced by a fake account. Many of the initial comments can still be discovered on the Ross save on computer website,<8> which was released on January 10th, 2013.