If you have actually made alters to the same document in both your local copy the a Git repository and also a far repository, you’ll encounter the “commit your alters or stash them prior to you can merge” Git error.

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In this guide, we talk about what this error means and why it may be raised. We discuss the three ways in i m sorry you deserve to solve this error.

commit your changes or stash them prior to you deserve to merge

Because Git is distributed, you can maintain multiple duplicates of a repository. This method you deserve to have one variation of a repository ~ above one computer, an additional version on one more computer, and one central version to which every copy refers.

It is feasible for the remote (central) version of a repository to change before you push a readjust to a repository. If someone transforms the main version that a repository, you must pull a local copy so you can work through the most up-to-date variation of the codebase.

If the updated version of the repository has a adjust to a paper that conflicts with a readjust you have made ~ above your neighborhood machine, you’ll watch an error. This is because Git is unsure whether the remote variation or the neighborhood version of the adjust should it is in kept.

The Solution

This error is designed as a safeguard. Before you can push her code, Git pressures you to think around which variation of a file you want to keep: the neighborhood one, or the one in the remote variation of the repository.

There are three methods you can solve this error:

Commit a adjusted fileDiscard her changesStash her changes
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Solution #1: go a adjusted File

You desire to walk the changed document if your neighborhood copy that the record is the one you desire to store in the repository. This will include your file to the Git go record and also make it part of the background of the project.

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