Warning: We’re around to spoil the occasions of Monday’s 9-1-1: Lone Star. Haven’t watched? You’ve been warned.

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Gina Torres is “not happy” about Charles’ fate after ~ Monday’s illustration of 9-1-1: Lone Star. “Not at all.”

“I have so much respect and also affection because that Derek Webster, who plays Charles,” Torres tells incubadoradeartistas.com. “I’m so happy because that him the he’s obtained a great new gig Mayor of Kingstown> and he’s no being left the end in the cold. In fact, it’s because he’s together a exorbitant actor that he doesn’t gain to play through us anymore.”

Torres continues, “One the the points that lured me come this function was the Tommy had an intact family. This was another beautiful example of a multi-ethnic family members on tv that loved every other and also pulled for each other. Castle weren’t tragically anything, other than tragically in love. Therefore I execute feel the loss of that. And also we didn’t get to spend a many time v Charles, yet the flashbacks in this episode really to fill in those blanks. You understand her loss, and also what castle had, also more.”

Picking up where last week’s cliffhanger left us, Monday’s episode started with Tommy in complete first-responder mode, stoically assessing she husband’s condition with a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Once it became clear that he was dead, Tommy sent his body turn off to the morgue before preparing breakfast for your daughters. Business as usual.

“I absolutely loved it, and I agreed with it,” Torres claims of Tommy’s unanticipated reaction. “I have absolutely been guilty of law the same. I’ve lost both of my parents. It’s something that you can’t vocalize, and you don’t desire to. It takes for this reason much an ext energy come share that and manage everyone else’s grief. That’s the place you’re in as soon as that wake up to you. You’re no just handling your very own grief. Since she is a caregiver and a very first responder, that’s what she’s wired come do. For this reason you see that training absent in, i beg your pardon I thought was completely appropriate. And it provides the audience another take on exactly how people attend to grief. We don’t all attend to it in the exact same way.”

Tommy couldn’t even carry herself to tell the clinical examiner, who was a close friend, the whole story. It wasn’t until she unzipped Charles’ human body bag and also recognized his challenge that she realized Tommy to be talking around her own husband.

“There have actually been so numerous court situations where the jury says, ‘We didn’t believe them due to the fact that they didn’t reaction the way a person who go this would certainly react.’ That’s an very damning statement, and also it instantly puts that human on the defensive,” Torres says. “The trick because that me was to get in that place. This is her grieving process. It’s not that she’s cold, it’s not that she didn’t love this man, it’s not that she’s one unfeeling sociopath. This is just how she’s doing this.”

During a much-needed mask break, Tommy encountered a man (special guest star Greg Grunberg) whose boy was gift taken off life support. That couldn’t carry himself to say goodbye come his son, yet with Tommy’s support, he went upstairs… and pulled out a gun! He and also his ex-wife were reportedly at odds about their son’s fate; he believed that your son could still wake up if castle just provided him time.

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“The writers came up with a great distraction because that Tommy, didn’t they?” Torres says. “Reading the script, i was like ‘What? and also then what happens? and also then what?!’ At an initial you think, ‘I can’t believe she has to address all the this,’ and also then friend realize, ‘Oh, she wants to.’ and of food she does, because then she doesn’t have to think around anything else.”

Desperate because that a miracle, Tommy sat with the guy until Owen might no much longer keep the FBI at bay. The man’s son eventually awoke native his coma, but that only required Tommy come finally confront her own situation, in ~ which allude she dropped to the floor in grief. “I didn’t want to do many takes of that one in ~ all,” Torres admits. “But I’m so glad we acquired that moment. We all got to permit go.”

Moving forward, Torres claims that we’ll check out Tommy proceeding to job-related through her grief, noting that “a little time jump” will help speed up that process. “There’s an acceptance, I’ll placed it the way,” she says. “Now it’s around what’s next. And also that’s walking to be the running template for the season finale, the ‘What’s next?’ of the all.”

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