Many Rise versus songs address politics, yet this one is a partnership story. In the song, lead singer Tim McIlrath has actually reached a breaking suggest with someone wherein they have to move on.

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In one interview v The Red Alert, Rise against frontman Tim McIlrath was asked if the instrumental part at the finish of the track was originally a separate item of music. He replied: "That one was in reality pure collaboration. With a many our songs, Joe (Principe) will certainly write the totality thing, or I"ll create the entirety thing, or kris (Chasse) will certainly write the whole thing, and then we"ll every collaborate on small parts here and also there. But "The great Left Undone" was really all 4 of us, Brandon (Barnes) included, all including our own two cents."
"The good Left Undone" was the third single from climb Against"s 4th album, The Sufferer & The Witness. The song reached #10 on the modern Rock graph week ending February 2, 2008 in that is 30th graph week, the longest time it had taken any song to with the optimal 10 in the history of this chart. The vault record-holder for the slowest climb to the height 10 ~ above the modern Rock chart to be Sick Puppies" "All the Same." The Australian rock band"s tune arrived in the peak 10 in 2007 in its 25th main on the list.
The music video is hefty on special effects, following both above ground, wherein a little girl is in a Technicolor landscape, and below the earth, wherein the band room performing. It"s the kind of video they couldn"t have made prior to moving come a major label (Geffen) in 2003.

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The1whoknocks from Oldsmar, IlToo me this song is around addiction come Opiates. I recognize love songs can often be mistaken for enhancement songs and vice versa however this is simply my take on it. "The areas where naught grew but weeds, I found a flower at my feet, Bending over there in mine direction." uses opiates (Flower) which makes every little thing he usage to feeling seem drab. "I wrapped a hand around it"s stem, ns pulled till the roots offered in, Finding currently what I"ve been missing, and also I know." fully embraces the drug and also realizes what he has actually been missing."So i tell myself, tell myself it"s wrong, There"s a suggest we happen from which us can"t return, i felt the cold rain that the comes storm, All due to the fact that you." totally consumed by the drug and is can not to stop. The remainder goes on to talk around quitting the drug "returning the flower to dirt.""Longing because that the shore, where I have the right to lay mine head down, inside these eight of yours." desire the warm adopt of the drug."When home becomes a strange place" What he offered to feeling like prior to seems strange.Toby native Kempsey, AustraliaThis track represtens mine life come the closest possible expence, the simularities in between this song, and the the girl of my dreams, together they unfold and also the differences created. She sit"s their bending over there in mine direction waiting for me come speaki, not knowing what i will say. Yet only believing the points her girlfriend say. Together she write-ups weak remarks confused around her..annointment? sticking up for the best Bitch i"ve ever met! she doesn"t seem to realise just how much that life influenced me, and also believes it can pass as with it never came. Crying every night, and not knowing just how the next few minutes in your life will certainly progress, somthing both the song and i have actually in common. V which is seemless in surprise identity. Corey native Richmond, VaHe find an impressive girl, pursues her & captures her heart. He has troubles however, and hurts he division up v her and also lets her go to be through someone else that can provide her what she requirements from a male & life in general.While he knows he did the best thing for her at the end of the day, he deeply regrets just how he hurt her & is torture by she memory. That realizes that she was the finest thing that ever before happened come him.Steven indigenous Gilbert, AzThis is my favourite Rise against song, with the critical stanza (All because of friend I think in angels... Shout it out) being my favorite stanza. This songs meaning of loving someone yet having come let them go since you are hurting them has actually special an interpretation to me, making it among my favorite songs of every time... Good lyrics.Rachel indigenous Cincinnati, OhI think everybody, has actually somebody that holds them up or traction you down, the seems choose both. Either way its a good song, breaking out on your own is what is sounds most like come me.Sarah native Londin, Oni think this song is around a male that is looking for something diffrent native the rest of the world. When he finaly find a girl the is diffrent native every one elts in his life, the is consomed through her. She is every he deserve to think of, and also he remains up at night reasoning of her. Finaly he requirements to let her go. He trys to accept this, however when he does that cant avoid wanting her. Needing her.Berto indigenous Northport, Fli think its around finding someone or something good in a people where whatever is bad, and trying to make that thing your own, even though you know it"s not. You come to be so consumed v it due to the fact that it"s the only an excellent thing you know. Eventually it takes over you and also you "haven"t slept in for this reason long". Her obcession is eventually what death it and then you start wanting that again. I might be wrong and probably am, yet that"s mine opipnion.Grace indigenous Seattle, Wathink its about someone who damaged his life native the means i look at it. "i haven"t slept in so lengthy when i carry out i dream of drowning in the ocean, running towards the shore so i have the right to lay mine head down." ns cry every time i hear the it reminds me of my so called father.Moebert indigenous Burgdorf, GermanyI think the flower is a metaphor for this special human being ("finding now what i"ve to be missing",growing in a ar of weed its something special), and the verses tell us that girlfriend can"t force that person to come with you. (He plucked the folwer and also it died)Vince from mountain Francisco, CaGreat song, ns think this song is about having nothing right in her life and also believing the that one special human being will do it bettersee much more comments
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