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Warning… this review contains nothing however gushing. AHH this week’s episode was GOOD. It was great guys. Originally I assumed it was going to be around Fitoria’s promise to she hero yet it was much from what i thought. Whatever was unexpected and ended on that CLIFFHANGER… ugh, that acquired me good.

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Japanese original Title: 紡がれる約束


Fitoria supposed what she said when she suddenly took Melty hostage to do Naofumi reconsider reconciling through the various other heroes. This only angers Filo and also takes on Fitoria. Meanwhile Itsuki and Ren’s groups discover a hidden cave that leader to much more clues concerning the three Heroes Church, yet all quite seems suspicious.

Episode Highlights

Fitoria Test: This week’s illustration was best in with the surprises. Fitoria took Melty hostage to pressure Naofumi to consist of with the various other heroes. I forgot that Filo to be a candidate to become Fitoria’s follower as the queen, so during this whole duration I to be acting prefer I had actually not known beforehand and also it left me gasping. Despite forgetting, It to be DAMN convincing top top Fitoria and Naofumi’s part on putting on the act. It to be intense and grippingly good.

Future Queen: Filo the bag rocket stepped out of her kid persona in this episode and showed her resilient, maturation side even more. Ah, this emphasis on Filo simply made me love she so lot more. Currently we have a future queen. Ahh, this is amazing if this becomes an ext than 25 episodes, and also we gain to see this moment.

Flashback: ns was hoping this illustration to emphasis on Fitoria and also her hero. We were shown a only glimpse a pair times. It was the first time Naofumi said Filo that ‘she deserve to do this’ and can loss Fitoria, as Fitoria recollected her hero speak the exact same words. That was likewise the second time Naofumi said Fitoria she is a great person. These 2 moments were really sweet come see. You have the right to tell exactly how much this hero intended to her, though mentioning her storage becomes hazy over a duration time. See Naofumi and Filo’s connection reminded Fitoria the promise she made through her hero and also how Naofumi and also her hero room alike.

Any great You want This? that was simply cute when an ext shield powers room unlocked because that Naofumi and Filo is referred to as as queen successor and gained an increase stats. Fitoria asks Melty if over there is a wish she would favor granted and it was adorable of every things. Melty wanted a drive on the ago of Queen of every Filolials.

Naofumi, you A Darling: one more CUTE minute when the let Fitoria place on his lap. I love this guy so much… send help.

Ending like THAT: Ren and also Itsuki (including their parties) had walked right into a trap. DAMN, to finish the episode like that to be SOO GOOD, I require THE next ONE STAT.

Themes and also Trivia

Sacrifice for The world or World: i was really puzzled by the comment Fitoria made come Naofumi around the tough decision himself and also the other heroes will need to make. What they space fighting for: for the people or because that the world? sound either route is going come be negative either method but why? that remains one more mystery.

Cowlick: Filo couldn’t acquire to wear her tiara permanently i m sorry is sad as a hysterical trait to be next in line as Filolial queen, a piece of hair well-known as Cowlick just sticks up. It will constantly grow earlier if forcibly removed. For human being hair a cowlick is a section of hair that either stands up on its own or advice on one angle and also the rest of your hair is forced into the direction.

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This episode was so good. It had actually so countless adoring moments and also managed to save you fixated throughout. Particularly THAT CLIFFHANGER oh MY GOD!! I want to believe Itsuki and Ren room still alive however after that scene it’s hard to be so hopeful at this moment.

Fitoria’s development into the mix has made points lot much more interesting and has gathered suspense together what is to come. Fitoria and also Naofumi’s conversation of the upcoming battles display that things are going to get bad from right here on out. Us knew that yet hearing Fitoria talk around it renders all the more convincing. I am simply looking forward; after this illustration we are acquiring into the an excellent STUFF NOW!!

Filo pocket Rocket Queen!

Ahh, this week’s illustration was not exactly how I assumed it would certainly go. I had forgotten about the part Filo tested to come to be the following queen. But she passed through flying colors. Would certainly you intend anything much less for this small firecracker? ns am so i stopped for following episode because ending episodes v explosions favor that place a strain on you for the next week!!

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