Many civilization prefer the proportions of the taller RPG device XP sprites to the smaller, chibi-styled sprites of later on engines. It’s an extremely easy to transform XP sprites to the new format, by adhering to a couple of simple steps.

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The easiest method to usage XP character sprites in later engines is to remove the entire first column that the personality sheet and also save it right into your brand-new project’s characters folder, through a $ in ~ the start of the file name.

Let’s take a look in ~ the two character layouts to understand how they work and also why that an initial column the sprites can be removed, climate go through the procedures in a pair of graphic programs. Finally, we’ll look in ~ why the more recent engines usage $ and also ! at the begin of the document names, therefore you’ll understand when you have to use them, too.

According to the Terms and Conditions, you deserve to use the default resources from any kind of RPG device engine, in any other RPG machine engine, as long as you have a patent for both

The Differences between the character Sheets

An RPG device XP personality sprite has four columns, and also four rows. Each heat represents the character facing various directions, and each column is a different animation frame. Once the personality is moving, the game cycles v these frames in a left-to-right order. Once the personality is not moving, the an initial frame is displayed as the idle pose.


In later on versions (RPG machine VX, VX Ace, MV and MZ), one individual character sprite has only 3 columns, and also four rows. The rows additionally represent the character facing various directions, and also the columns are different animations frames. However, rather of cycling through frames in a left-to-right order once the character is moving, the video game zig-zags back and forth, starting at the center. Once the personality is not moving, the middle framework is displayed as the idle pose.


Why go they readjust from 4 columns to three? If girlfriend look carefully at the XP sprite, you’ll notification that the very first and third frames space identical. The frames cycle from the idle pose, come one foot forward, earlier to idle, then the various other foot forward.


The newer format simply combines this two similar columns, and uses the middle column as the idle pose.


The result is that the picture size is smaller sized with 3 columns than with four, i beg your pardon reduces storage usage, loading speed, and also project size. However the characters still animate correctly.

How to eliminate the very first Column

Now the you understand why the layouts are different, let’s look in ~ the actions to make it happen. It’s quite easy, and also you only need a simple image editing program to execute it. Note, your regimen must permit transparency in images, so Microsoft’s paint program is out.

Using GIMP

GIMP (GNU photo Manipulation Program) is a complimentary graphics modifying program, i beg your pardon you deserve to download indigenous

Open her RPG device XP personality sprite image in GIMP, then choose Canvas dimension from the image menu.


Now work-related out the correct broad by multiplying your image width (128 in this case) through 0.75 (to gain 96). Go into that as the width, then drag the image in the preview all the method to the left, for this reason the framework is approximately the 3 columns on the right. Fight the Resize button, i beg your pardon will chop away the area outside the frame, leaving you with what’s inside.


Finally, pick Export native the file menu to conserve your brand-new image. Put a $ in ~ the start of the paper name – we’ll enter the factor for that a bit later.

Using is likewise a totally free graphics editing and enhancing programs, i beg your pardon you can download from – this is actually my preferred image editing and enhancing program together it has actually a very straightforward interface and also does practically everything ns need. I only resort to GIMP if I must use a grid.

Open her RPG machine XP character sprite photo in, then choose Canvas dimension from the picture menu.

Now work out the correct width by multiply your picture width (128 in this case) by 0.75 (to get 96). Go into that as the width, then click the center right anchor, which will save the 96 pixels top top the right side the the image. Fight the yes button, which will chop away the overabundance area ~ above the left that the image.

Finally, save your new image. Placed a $ in ~ the begin of the paper name – we’ll go into the factor for the a little bit later.

How to add your new Character to her Project

You have the right to use the resource Manager in your brand-new project to import your new character sprite. Just select Graphics/Characters or img/characters depending upon your RPG device version, hit the income button, and also go uncover your image.

In RPG maker VX and VX Ace, friend will have actually an choice to collection transparent and translucent colors. Right-click and then left-click top top the background of the image, otherwise it can import there is no the transparency.

I discover the source Manager clunky, and also some human being have difficulties with the papers not showing up after importing. I also don’t like having actually to set my transparent shade when I’ve currently done the in the image. So I prefer to usage use the Windows file Explorer to move things around. If you desire to go this way just drag the picture into the Graphics/Characters or img/characters folder, depending on your RPG maker version.

Now your picture is imported, you have the right to use it for actor or event sprites.

Why the file Name is Important

RPG machine XP character images don’t have any special signs in the document names. Over there is one character per image, and they just work.

But if you to be to layout the image as shown above and simply drop the file into your later-version personalities image folder, you’ll check out some funny stuff take place when you shot to usage the sprite for a character or one event.

Only a small component of the sprite is displayed!

Here’s why …

What’s Special about the $

RPG devices after XP actually have two styles for character sheets. The first one is a single character, as displayed above, and also the second one allows a character paper to have actually sprites because that eight different characters.

By placing a $ at the begin of the record name, you’re informing these programs the this character sheet is the best size because that a solitary character, and also it will usage the whole image.

By leaving off the $, you room telling the programs that this character paper is huge enough to organize eight personalities (even if few of them room empty), and also it will certainly divide the picture up and let you usage a section of the photo for each character.

If girlfriend only have actually one personality in her image, and also it’s only huge enough for that one character, but you leaving the $ turn off at the begin of the record name, the regimen is going come think there are actually eight characters and will division the image up accordingly. Climate each that those eight segments will be further divided into 4 rows and also three columns, which is why you finish up v a small partial-sprite.

What’s Special about the !

So we’ve sorted out our NCP character sprite. Now what around that door?

Notice how it’s no longer aligned with the bottom that the building! This is because RPG maker XP paint, etc its characters aligned through the tile grid, however later execution of the engine draw characters a few pixels higher. This is to prevent the illustration of the character standing right on the sheet of things:


In the second image, I’ve temporarily renamed the file for the character on the left to have a ! at the beginning. The file for the character on the right has actually no ! at the start of the paper name.

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If you have a character image that requirements a $ and also a ! in ~ the begin of the name, that doesn’t issue which one friend put an initial – it can be $! or !$ – they will both job-related the same way.

Putting it all Together

So it’s pretty straightforward to use RPG machine XP personality sprites in later on versions that the engine. Simply remember to:

Change the canvas size to crop away the first column of spritesPut a $ in ~ the start of the filename if it’s a single character, and also no $ if you’re enabling for up to eight charactersPut a ! at the start of the filename if it’s one object/scenery sprite that needs to heat up through the grid, and also no ! if it’s an actor/NPC