Join Sacramento Food bank & family Services in celebrate 28 years of run to feeding the Hungry! register today and also celebrate Sacramento’s most beloved occasion to aid eradicate hunger in ours community.

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HOW perform I know IF i SIGNED UP because that THE 5K OR 10K?

Registrants do not authorize up because that the 5K or 10K specifically. Everyone may decide top top the morning of the event if they will take part in the 5K or 10K. You re welcome remember that the 10K begin time is at 8:15 a.m. And also the 5K begin time is 9 a.m. Friend must begin with the exactly distance.

For an ext information about the occasion please visit ours website by click this button


Any gift make at the time of registration will certainly go towards your personal fundraising efforts. Gifts made by friends and family will also go straight to her page.


Team members receive an upgraded, gender particular technical shirt, the choice to be time at no extr cost, and access to the race day Team Area. The Team Area serves together a pre-race satisfy up an are and attributes heaters, cost-free coffee, water and also breakfast snacks. In addition each team receive a professional team photo! Click here for an ext information around teams.

1 CalPERS Raised:


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2 Sacramento country Day school
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3 SymSoft remedies Raised:


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4 Kate Tibbitts' mounties Raised:


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5 Team Varimax Raised:


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6 Robinson/Swartz Raised:


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7 Sac. Ultrasound institute Raised:


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8 SMART regional 104 Raised:


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9 OnCore OnFoot Raised:


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10 Rowdy Sowdy




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event schedule

June 28 9:00 am PDT - at an early stage Bird it is registered Price august 1st- Nov 18th
November 19 12:00 to be PST - consistent Registration Price Nov 19th-25th
November 20 10:00 to be PST - Packet pick Up Fremont Presbyterian 10am-6pm
November 21 1:30 afternoon PST - Packet choose Up Fremont Presbyterian 1:30pm- 6pm
November 22 10:00 to be PST - Packet choose Up Fremont Presbyterian 10am-7pm
November 23 10:00 am PST - Packet pick Up Fremont Presbyterian 10am-7pm
November 24 10:00 am PST - Packet pick Up Fremont Presbyterian 10am-7pm
November 25 12:00 to be PST - so late Registration Price Nov 28th
November 25 7:00 am PST - gyeongju Day Packet choose Up 7am-9am
November 25 8:15 am PST - 10K
November 25 9:00 to be PST - 5K

contact information

Event call Registration assistance
email registration
phone (916) 456-1980
Website Visit website
event navigation present page event details

Sacramento Food bank & family members Services

Raised: $49,821.96
Goal: $200,000.00
25% raised
Donate currently
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event location

6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA, United says

check out map

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