The sailor Moon anime and manga collection of the 90s showcased largely female superheroes dubbed the seafarer Warriors. Yet the series has a male superhero character Tuxedo Mask. This short article will be a Tuxedo Mask cosplay guide.

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Tuxedo Mask is among the primary protagonists that the sailor Moon series. Favor the seafarer soldiers, he also possesses a seafarer Crystal that provides him superpowers and also the task to safeguard the planet from evil. He offers his strength to aid the sailor soldiers in maintaining the planet from the forces of evil. His private persona is Mamoru Chiba, and also he is likewise the love attention of the main character Usagi Tsukino.

Tuxedo Mask is the perfect character for males to dress up in if they are looking to cosplay personalities in the seafarer Moon series. The is the only key male personality in the sailor Moon collection who additionally plays a critical role in helping the girls.

Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Cosplay Guide


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The finest Tuxedo Mask of sailor Moon Cosplay Guide

Tuxedo Mask is the disguise that Mamoru Chiba created for self to hunt the silver Crystal. As soon as he encountered seafarer Moon in one of his hunts, his interest changed, and he currently started complying with the seafarer soldiers around, assisting lock in your battles and also giving advice follow me the way. He intentionally wears a mask top top his disguise for this reason his true identity won’t be given figured out.

The Tuxedo Mask cosplay collection comes through the full costume, which has a black color full-dress tailcoat to add a white dress shirt underneath and black pants. The collection likewise consists the a black color cape lined through red, black leather shoes, a white mask the covers the eyes and a black top hat. The costume consists of a quick brunette wig because that the character’s hairstyle and a rose flower, which the superhero supplies to transform. The cosplay set also comes with a Tuxedo Mask figure.

Tuxedo Mask is the only main male superhero personality in the sailor Moon series. He has psychic powers, which additionally includes healing and also psychometry. Mamoru Chiba is the reincarnation that Prince Endymion, who passed away during the Dark Kingdom attack in the silver- Millennium era. As the collection went on, that developed great chemistry with sailor Moon as soon as it involves fighting, allowing their combination to defeat an effective enemies.

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As the only male superhero, he is the just option for guys when it concerns dressing up as sailor Moon characters. But if friend look in ~ the cosplay photos, yes nothing wrong v that. Together the female personalities in the series, Tuxedo Mask is likewise a beautiful male character, and this have the right to still be seen even if he is put on a white mask come cover his face. That is a an excellent choice come cosplay in Tuxedo Mask, specifically if guys have girlfriends or partners who can dress up as sailor Moon. Their combination together watch perfect.