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Theresa indigenous Murfreesboro, TnAngry song yet it"s catchy sufficient to it is in commercial.Sarah native La, Ca♥♥ ns LOVE THIS SONG!! It has a good beat!♥♥Geeker from Snickers, WiThis was Jimmy Eat World"s sell-out pop album. It was all under hill after this and also now have actually no originality choose they as soon as did through "Clarity".No_id_please from Hippy Town, Coi think this tune is cool. It reflects how modern america is kinda overated an, well silly. The means people have involved accept things. "I"m no alone since the TV"s on, yeahI"m no crazy "cause i take the ideal pills, every day and restClean her conscienceClear her thoughts with speyside with your grain that obviously sais other aobut just how we veiw the world. Us think electronic devices can make up for people. And also pills can solve all our problems. Rachel from Sullivan, MoThe imagery in the opened lines of this song is so awesome...the whole "i"m not alone reason the tvs top top now" and also "im no crazy cause i take it the right pills everyday"...really claims something around the emotionally state the he to be in when writing this song. Powerful song...another an excellent one from Jimmy Eat World. I"ve come to expect good things from them.Shelby native Norfolk, NeAdkins was additionally reported saying something along the present of this tune being partially around his stress attacks and also to eliminate them he would drink Speyside (alcoholic drink---"Clean your conscience, clear your thoughts with speyside") and that the part where he says "bleed from my arm" is about his decision to change. Also alot that this was about getting up and also not wasting life. This is a very an effective song.Garret indigenous Indianapolis, Inrenaming frequently to the SELF-TITLED LP "Jimmy Eat World" as if it was to be your debute albumAndy indigenous Halifax, EnglandThis was also the pre-9/11 surname for the albumTim native Whitchurch, Hants, Englandthe relax was pulled and also renamed to "salt, sweat, sugar" in england due to the sept 11th tragedy.see an ext comments
ship Of FoolsWorld Party

One the the an excellent "we"re every going down" song is "Ship that Fools" by human being Party, written when Margaret Thatcher remained in power in England.

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What do You Mean?Justin Bieber

After 47 access time to the warm 100, Justin Bieber topped the tally because that the an initial time ~ above September 17, 2015 v "What do You Mean?"

Rapper"s DelightThe Sugarhill gang

The very first rap track to do the warm 100 to be "Rapper"s Delight" by The Sugarhill gang in 1979. In ~ the time, many considered rap a fad the would quickly pass.

I"d perform Anything for Love (But ns Won"t execute That)Meat loaf

Running 7:58, Meat Loaf"s "I"d do Anything for Love (But ns Won"t do That)" is the longest-ever #1 hit.

fight The PowerPublic enemy

"Fight The Power" was created for the Spike Lee movie execute The best Thing. It opens the film and serves together the motif.

Born to be AlivePatrick Hernandez

In 1979, Madonna to be a dancer top top Patrick Hernandez" tour, whereby she boogied to his hit "Born To it is in Alive."

Victoria WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

Despite appearances on Carson, Leno and a Pennebaker film, Williams continues to be a concealed treasure.

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Ralph Casale - conference ProSongwriter Interviews

A top brand-new York studio musician, Ralph played etc on plenty of "60s hits, consisting of "Lightnin" Strikes," "A Lover"s Concerto" and also "I am A Rock."

who Did that First?Music Quiz

Do you recognize who recorded the original versions of this ten hit songs?

Reverend Horton HeatSongwriter Interviews

The Reverend rants ~ above psychobilly and the egghead academics he bashes in one of his much more popular songs.

Gene Simmons the KissSongwriter Interviews

The Kiss rocker consist of a lot of ground in this interview, including why there room no Kiss collaborations, and also why the absent Hall has actually "become a sham."

soul Train Stories with Stephen McMillianSong creating

A soul Train dancer bring away us v a work on the show, and also explains what you had actually to carry out to gain camera time.