Class Title:Bargaining Unit:Class Code:Salary:
Disability Retirement benefits Technician
$20.16 - $29.97 Hourly$1,612.80 - $2,397.60 Biweekly$41,932.80 - $62,337.60 Annually

Under general direction, performs administrative and technical support work including a selection of complex and/or specialized services in the Legal services department the the mountain Bernardino ar Employees" Retirement association (SBCERA), requiring advanced knowledge/skills the the subject matter and also office support systems involved; performs related duties as required.

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differentiating CHARACTERISTICS: This course is defined by responsibility for working out independent judgment in interpreting, applying and explaining room policies and also procedures that are not routine. An incumbent is compelled to discern and also distinguish nuances indigenous a good variety that sources. This class differs from disability Retirement professional in that the last are primarily involved in the investigation of handicap retirement claims; counseling active, terminating and retired employees and their survivors regarding disability retirement options, and also independently computing retirement benefits, whereas incumbents in this course qualify members for benefits and also other connected services together needed. examples OF DUTIES: Duties might include, but are not minimal to, the following:Provide information and also services come members about SBCERA services by responding to phone, email or in-person requests because that forms and also information. Utilize the pension administration software system and also other equipment for member info needed to calculate or qualify members come research impairment retirement benefits and other associated services as needed, or together directed. In coordination v the an elderly Disability Retirement Specialist, coordinate and communicate through reciprocal agencies concerning survivor benefits to an default beneficiary.Assist with the completion of special jobs such together data cleanup, and other activities of SBCERA.Assist in the ready of handicap retirement applications through scheduling applicants" clinical evaluations, obtaining and also compiling medical records and also reports, setting up disability situation files and also preparing clinical records for medical professional review.Disseminate correspondence, member statements, services estimates, and other written materials.Process lump-sum payroll, including tax withholding, deductions, and also rollovers, and also any various other actions compelled to develop lump-sum payroll.Operate equipment and devices such together computers, printers, typewriters, copiers, scanners and also fax machines.Performs various other duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: OPTION A: One (1) year of full time clerical or technical level endure in a California public retirement mechanism office and twelve (12) semester (18 quarter) units of completed college coursework in behavioral sciences, business or public administration or closely related field. OPTION B: Three (3) year of permanent experience performing multifaceted clerical work in an office environment.

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Suffer must encompass performing a range of clerical tasks including public contact and also computer use and also Twelve (12) semester (18 quarter) systems of completed college coursework in behavioral sciences, service or public administration or a closely related field.