San Diego Zoo global

is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the science of conserving endangered species worldwide. San Diego Zoo an international operates 3 world-class facilities: the mountain Diego Zoo, the mountain Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the mountain Diego Zoo Institute because that Conservation Research. Our conservation job-related takes place locally at these three campuses and also reaches past to more than 100 conservation field projects in 35 countries. Our unique and also focused technique brings people and also groups with each other to collaborate ~ above solutions, and also we take an imaginative and multidisciplinary technique to several of the most daunting conservation challenges of our time.

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Our field researchers work with local people, fellow conservation scientists, companion organizations, and government organ to accomplish wildlife conservation goals. An important goal is to support and train regional scientists and conservation managers to enhance stewardship that threatened types and their habitats.


San Diego Zoo an international is committed to saving species an international by uniting our expertise in animal care and conservation science with our dedication to motivating passion because that nature.


We will lead the fight against extinction.

The san Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research has as its mission to gather, share and also apply clinical knowledge critical to the conservation of animals, plants, and also habitats worldwide. The ICR is the world’s largest zoo-based, multi-disciplinary research team, with an ext than 150 scientists, researchers, technicians, post-doctoral fellows, and also support staff, and an ext than 100 ar conservation program in end 35 countries. Programs resolve the organic requirements that the target species, conservation and also restoration of an important habitats, and also training avenues for range-country researchers and resource managers:

Administration and also Operations

Under the leadership of institute Director Allison Alberts, Ph.D., staff in administration and operations provide critical support come the san Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation study team in the areas of facilities, finance, human resources, development, and public relations.

Applied pet Ecology

The Applied pet Ecology department focuses on massive conservation program that aid in the recovery of endangered and also threatened populations. They apply scientifically got behavioral and ecological understanding to deal with conservation problems.

Applied tree Ecology

The emphasis of the used Plant Ecology division is ~ above sustainability and restoration of indigenous ecosystems, seed science, habitat monitoring and also management, plant-animal interactions, and recovery programs for rare and also endangered plant species.

Behavioral Biology

The behavioral Biology department documents factors responsible because that variation in reproductive success among animals. They incorporate a multidisciplinary view designed to contribute to improved management and also conservation that animals and their habitats.

Conservation Education

Education and outreach type the necessary cornerstones of any kind of successful conservation endeavor. At the mountain Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, the Beckman center for Conservation research study is the only dedicated conservation education lab in the world.


The Genetics division develops and also utilizes modern technologies to provide important brand-new insights appropriate to the assessment, monitoring, and management of endangered species in zoos and also in the wild.

Reproductive Physiology

The Reproductive Physiology division applies innovative scientific research and modern technology to the conservation of hereditary diversity through magnified reproduction of threatened species. Four major areas of examination support this mission.

Wildlife an illness Laboratories

The Wildlife an illness Laboratories space the diagnostic specialty team for san Diego Zoo Global. Your goal is to help ensure the health and also well being of captive and also wild populaces through multidisciplinary condition investigations and innovative studies.

Regional preservation Programs

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation study works in more than 35 countries roughly the word. Programs resolve the biological requirements of the target species, conservation and restoration of vital habitats, and also training methods for selection country scientists and resource managers.

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Conservation cooperation Development

Conservation Partnership advance identifies, cultivates, and also coordinates new collaborative opportunities to advance the Institute’s conservation scientific research mission. Existing programs include innovative applications that the Institute’s multidisciplinary expertise to types recovery, large-scale grants management, technology transfer, and biomimicry.

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