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Where friend can uncover all 5 Gatekeeper Coins in the 4th level of line Pass.


In mass Effect: Andromeda, players must make a tough an option during one of the main missions. This guide will assist players decide between saving one of two people Pathfinder Raeka or the Krogan Scouts during the hunting the Archon search in fixed Effect: Andromeda.

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During this mission, players must select whether to conserve the Krogan Scouts, or to save Pathfinder Raeka. Us will describe the consequences that follow every decision so that players have the right to determine which an option to make.


Save Pathfinder Raeka

Near the end of the searching the Archon quest in fixed Effect: Andromeda, you’ll be challenged with a choice: conserve Drack’s Krogan Scouts, or save Pathfinder Raeka and some various other Salarian prisoners. Both decisions lead to a tough fight afterward. As soon as prompted to make this decision, acquire ready because that a fight quickly after.

If you select to save Pathfinder Raeka, you’ll it is in tasked with rescuing several various other imprisoned Salarians together well, fighting turn off another collection of Kett soldiers follow me the way. When you complimentary the Salarian prisoners, Pathfinder Raeka will certainly go back to the Tempestand girlfriend will have the ability to call upon she for assist in the future. You will additionally win end the Tempest’s Salarian pilot, Kallo.

Meanwhile, the Krogan Scouts will remain imprisoned through the Archon. This permits the Archon to turn them into Krogan Behemoths, which friend will have to fight throughout the remainder of the game. These space strong, daunting enemies come fight, but if you don’t mind a little of a challenge, then walk with saving Pathfinder Raeka in mass Effect: Andromeda.

During searching the Archon, you must select to conserve the Krogan Scouts, or Pathfinder Raeka.

Save the Krogan Scouts

The Krogan enlightenment alternative selection plays out comparable to the Pathfinder Raeka choice in that you must fight off more Kett soldiers afterward and also end up through mutated Salarians because that future enemies.

If you pick to save the Krogan Scouts, you will certainly then need to go about battling an ext Kett soldiers in order to rescue the imprisoned Krogans. Her heroism impresses Drack and also will avoid the Krogans from being transformed into Krogan Behemoths. This guarantee they will certainly be roughly to assist you later. A brand-new Pathfinder called Captain Hayjer will sign up with the tempest crew to replace Pathfinder Raeka.

The imprisoned Salarians that you didn’t rescue will certainly remain captured by the Archon, and will it is in turned into mutated enemies that you will certainly fight transparent the game. Luckily, these mutated Salarian opponents aren’t almost as challenging to fight compared to the Krogan Behemoths.

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The choice of saving either Pathfinder Raeka and the Salarians or the Krogan Scouts will identify the species of adversaries you will encounter in the future, so keep this in mind together you make her choice. Currently that you understand the after-effects of conserving Pathfinder Raeka or the Krogan Scouts, you can move on come our complete romance guide for massive Effect: Andromeda.