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The Bottom Line

You'll have a tough time recognize a much less expensive 40-inch LED HDTV than the Sceptre X405BV-FHDR, and its snapshot isn't fifty percent bad, either.

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There are budget HDTVs, and also then there room budget HDTVs. If you have the right to spend a small over $500, friend can get a large, functional, solid-performing screen. If you deserve to only spend half that, you can"t expect rather as much. The Sceptre X405BV-FHDR is a 40-inch, 1080p LED HDTV v a $399.99 list price, yet you can readily uncover it for much less than $300. The much display screen for that tiny money is appealing, and also its picture isfine for the price, however skewed colors and a absence of calibration choices might do you want to think about a slightly more expensive HDTV, choose the 48-inch sharp LC-48LE551U or TCL 48FS4690.

DesignAs you might expect from an inexpensive HDTV, the X405 looks plain. That 0.75-inch-wide plastic bezels are flat and matte black v a slight structure to offer them the faint appearance the brushed metal. This textured plastic extends to the rectangle-shaped base, i m sorry holds the 17.7-pound screen and also lets that pivot left and right. The bottom bezel hold a silver-colored Sceptre logo and a little indicator light that glows blue when the display is on. A row of silver-colored plastic buttons sit just behind the best bezel, giving Power, Channel, Volume, source, and menu controls. At 21.6 through 36.7 through 3.5 customs (HWD), the X405 isn"t an especially svelte; if you want a really slim HDTV you"ll need to spend more.


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The connections are laid the end conveniently, yet located in one inconvenient place. 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, coaxial audio input, and stereo RCA and 3.5mm audio outputs inputs sit ~ above the earlier panel dealing with left. A mix composite/component video clip input, a VGA input, a 3.5mm audio input, and an antenna/cable (ClearQAM) link sit top top the ago facing down. Unfortunately, every one of these inputs are situated square in the middle of the screen, a great 14-inch reach in native the edge. They"re arranged an extremely sensibly, yet are a chore come actually work-related with.

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The 8.4-inch-long remote is as plain as the X405 itself, a flat black plastic wand with a comfortable curve to the underside. The buttons are soft rubber and also not backlit, with the standard features readily obtainable and different playback and volume controls for associated MHL devices.